Friday; Off to camp and non-fun places too.

Linds is heading to camp this weekend.


This is the camp she visited for the first time at spring break this past year. But that was only 6 days…



I know she is going to have a blast.  She packed last week for heavens sakes. She has been counting down the weeks, days, hours and minutes.

I am trying to NOT  be offended by her strong desire to leave me.

Surely she will grow a foot while away.

No email. No texts. No calls.

It is like she is going to be on ‘Survivor’… and yet, I am worried about MY survival

Did you know you have to sharpie/label your name on EVERYTHING for camp?

Dang…it took forever to label all her cotton swabs.



The last few days have involved lots of appointments or the making of appointments. Dentist for three of us, Dr for Linds (physical), Orthopedic surgeon, Physical therapy and next….oral surgeon. Looks like someone might need her wisdom teeth out too.

Lets see what else we can fit in here, shall we? The calendar is mighty full up until school starts again.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


Finish this sentence: My perfect idea of a camping trip would be:

Bee Safe. Bee Happy.

Bee a safe and happy camper.

30 thoughts on “Friday; Off to camp and non-fun places too.

  1. My perfect idea of a camping trip would be:A hammock under some BIG shady trees, a pile of magazines, a pile of books I've been meaning to read for, oh, the past 5 years (!), a pitcher of iced tea, a firepit over to the side, complete with a cooler filled with hot dogs & s'more ingredients and some long sticks to 'cook' them both with. Oh, yeah, and I nice, cool, clean HOTEL ROOM to sleep in at night! 😉


  2. My perfect idea of camping would be Camping at a the Four Seasons Hotel : ) with a pop up tent IN THE ROOM to look at while you are plopped in bed : )I am going to miss her. I know she will have fun. You will survive. Kaishon still doesn't want to leave me for the night. THANK YOU JESUS! I will die when that happens.


  3. Truth be told, I'm sure you are delighted to have such an outgoing young woman eager for her own adventures. You'll miss each other but this is just another example that you've done your job as a mother.


  4. Three weeks without the young one, huh??? BUT–I remember from before, she loves that camp… I remember when i went to camp when I was only about 8. My parents were worried about ME getting homesick. They drove to see me during that week—and when they got there, I asked \”What are you doing here?\” Probably broke their hearts… I wasn't homesick–but they were!!!! haHope everything works out at the dentist and PT…. Sounds like a busy time for you and your family.Hugs,Betsy


  5. My perfect idea of a camping trip would be with my Beautiful Bride beside a waterfall we had to ourselves.Hopefully the three weeks will pass as quickly for you as they will for Linds.


  6. My idea of a perfect camping trip would be either in the Adirondacks or the Rockies, miles away from civilization. If I had my llamas, they would be with us carrying all our stuff :)I wish my parents could have afforded to send me to camp when I was a kid!


  7. in a super deluxe rv!! (i see someone beat me to this answer! haha)p.s as a kid i always wanted to go to sleepaway camp… my mom told me it was for rich kids!


  8. My perfect camp: Riding the horses about 20 miles into the High Uintas, parking it near a clear mountains stream, sleeping with my honey in a 2 man tent, and… no bugs, no rain, no other people.Your daughter will probably appreciate home a lot more after 3 weeks away. Hope you don't miss her too much!


  9. BB! You almost sound like meeee with those lists and business! ha ha!!Let's see, perfect camping trip… no rain, no bugs, no muggy heat. sounds good to me! :-)ps: are you feeling better?


  10. back at anastasia island with my family and 2nd sister 🙂 cuz you make me laugh. cam is off for 2 weeks… oh the leaving! but homecoming will be sweet!


  11. Three weeks without your daughter… I've never been away from my girls that long, can't really imagine what that would be like. Guess they do grow up and we can't stop them…


  12. Oh honey….3 weeks. I am happy for her, sad for you. :(Why do the little baby birds have to grow up so fast??!My perfect idea of a camping trip would be: a 4 star hotel with room service and an in-room massage therapist. 🙂


  13. Good for Linds! I wish I could go to camp for three weeks!My idea of camping is Marriot Courtyard.The cotton swabs comment made me burst out laughing. It's always something with you?Dang, girl – you're going to need an autumn break to recover from your summer months!


  14. Cotton swabs…you are too much!The longest camp my daughter had was 10 days and it was without communication too. I can't even imagine 3 weeks, especially if she's out in bodies of water trying to stay afloat in a box made of cardboard! 😉


  15. lmao @ labeling Q-tips! bwahahahaha. thats something i would do!yep, your baby girl is growing up suz, quick, tie her up and hold her for ransom before she ages any more!!my idea of a perfect camping trip takes place in the fall when the leaves are changing, the weather is cool, we have plenty of food to cook out, all my family is together in different tents of course.. and there's a full moon every night. no bugs, no flies or skeeters, clean and really nice restroom accomadations, plenty of wood, electricity, and bella wiff us. of course we'd bring card games and air matresses and a dvd player for movies!now i wanna go camping but it will have to wait till the fall. i am not one of those who camps in the heat in the dead of summer, no m'am… i dont do sweat well.c


  16. Ah, I just had so many flashbacks to my own summer camp experiences. I hope she has an awesome time…and I hope her mom doesn't worry too much about her while she is away. You have a busy summer ahead of you! How is it that we can never catch time?? Hope you had a great weekend!


  17. 🙂 I hope she has fun! HOW will you survive with out her pretty face gracing your presence..I think you'll have to settle for another girl.She uhh.. lives in MN, and wouldn't mind being your adopted daughter for a few weeks. 🙂


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