Starting Life; Later.


A scene from our kitchen, last week: 

Upon rising and getting herself ready for an 8:15 dentist appt, sleepy Linds was being a bit whiny.

(Did you know teenagers love to sleep in the morning?)

Linds: Oh my gosh…why do we have to go so early? I can’t believe the dentist is even open this early. Whyyyy? 

Me: Well,  believe it or not, a lot of people are already at work, getting busy with life.

Linsd: Why? Whyyyy?

Me: Life is for living kid!

Linds: But why can’t we live later?


Meanwhile, at camp, she is up at 7:30am everyday. I suppose some things are worth getting up for. 

She has only been gone 3 days and I already miss my little whiner.

19 thoughts on “Starting Life; Later.

  1. awww… sweet picture of you 3! i was going to call you on my way to work… but i figured you'd be fast asleep. i didn't know you might be up already LIVING! 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    What a cute story and I can just hear the \”why.y.y…\”I hope she has a great time at camp!Hope you have a good day! I know you must really miss her.


  3. I was always amazed at when teenagers could get up when they really wanted to. I'll bet your little whiner is having the time of her life starting the day at that early hour!


  4. Isn't it funny how they get instant energy when its something they want to do? Too cute! I'm sure you will really miss her! Have a great day Suz! 🙂


  5. I recently came up with the idea that all businesses and everything should be closed on monday until lunch time! If I could just get monday morning out of the way then everything would be cool!


  6. I'm sorry, Suz. I'm gonna have to side with your daughter on this one. Going to the dentist at any time of day is horrendous, but going at 8:15 am is just beyond torture!


  7. I'm glad she's getting to experience camp! : ) And yes, I have to drag mine out of bed every day so we can get something done before lunchtime. She's got a different clock than I do, that's for sure. LOL


  8. I read somewhere that there's something physiologic about teenagers wanting to sleep late. But it's true, when a teen wants to get up, they do just fine…


  9. Poor baby. That is WAY too early to go to the dentist! If she was my kid I wouldn't make her get up until 10 : ) Unless Shoshi wanted to play at 7. If Shoshi rang the doorbell at 7 I would make her get up then because I sure as heck do NOT want to be getting up and playing at 7!


  10. Anonymous



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