My Green Lucky Thumb.


Back in May of  2009 I planted 20 baby crape myrtle trees, in hopes of blocking our neighbor behind us. Well, not him in particular, but the crap that he is collecting in his back yard.

We already had several in our yard and they are so easy and beautiful.

My favorite combo: easy and purty. 

The newborns in May of 2009 (only 12-14 inches)DSCN5549[2]

The pre-teens in June of 2010 (3-5ft tall)


   They have come a long way…baby.IMG_2000

18 out of the 20 are blooming and thriving. Only 2 of them were stunted with our severe cold weather this past winter.

Stop laughing. It was SEVERE…for us.

Still, I am not convinced that I have a green thumb. I think I am just lucky!

**thanking my lucky stars for the lil’ bit of lucky Irish in me**

I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Coach and I enjoyed ourselves. {Canoodling anyone?}

We were kid-less and we had fun. I still like him a lot

A weekend without kids is much like going to Vegas, minus the lost money, seedy looking people, pit bosses and not a hangover in sight.


28 thoughts on “My Green Lucky Thumb.

  1. Your weekend sounds fantastic : )My weekend was equally as exciting.Think, 911 calls, fire in the living room, and a sleeping pill swallowing situation…and you can just about imagine how heavenly it was.


  2. hi suz….you have very lovely trees….and i think its not \”luck of the irish\” but a skill. which i do not have. i used to….but somehow managed to misplace somewhere. i have planted a few little tomatoes. nothing fancy, but just a few romas, some beefsteak, you know, stuff to eat, and some to make salsa… you think i could handle that? i used to handle a FULL vegetable garden not too long ago….well, maybe way back when my kids were younger. they are married now. lol anyway….where would my talented green thumb of gone? it turned a yucky shade of brown….thats what happened. i have nursed these poor tomatoes…fed them…talked to them…sang to them…petted them…watered them….i even told them i would take them for a ride if they would produce for me…nuttin. all i have is greenery. GREENERY!!! i trimmed back the leggy stems….i tried everything. well….i just thought i would share my GREEN THUMB story with you….btw….your boxers are soooo cute…my sister C? she has one too. i'm going to see her wednesday for 3 weeks. yeah! cant wait! and i get to see bella…her boxer too. i have a dachshund…what are you gonna do with that? its a weiner dog….c'mon…..they are like mini dogs….it needs vitamins to be a REAL doggie. lol anyway…loved your post…and trees. they will look \”marvelous\” when they grow up! jo


  3. Anonymous

    I remember when you set those plants out. They look great! Glad you and Coach still like one another! Have a great day.


  4. Hi Suz, I remember when you planted those trees… I wondered how long it would take for them to grow up and cover up the mess at the house behind you… I think they have done well—but I also hope that the people behind you have done some clean-up of their property… It may take a few more years before you have totally privacy back there. Glad you and Coach had the weekend together. How very special is that!!!!!! I'm sure you enjoyed each other and got alot of canoodling in!!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  5. I'm very impressed with your crepe myrtle trees and your green thumb. I'm also impressed that you still like Coach (I suspected that all along). I'm glad you had a great kid-less weekend.


  6. This is so cute. I love your flowering, happy trees. Much better than getting into a tiff with your neighbor – you fight ugliness with natural beauty. You're setting such a good (GREEN)example for everyone!Canoodling – yes – it's much easier when the teens are elsewhere. =)


  7. those lil trees are very pretty and i hope they become huge soon! i'm also glad for you that you have been canoodling… when the kitties are away, the mice will play!!! lmaoyou DO have a green thumb…c


  8. Awe How fab that you still like him a lot!!(and I think you must have a wee bit of a green thumb…those trees look great)Ohhh, one more. Severe cold! LOL I'm going to have to invite you to my house in mid Feb. I'll show you cold baby:)


  9. Hell0ooo fellow canoodler! It was a fine weekend for us too…once Patrick finally arrived by air(canceled flt.—but rebooked). Our dogs spent the first night with us at the airport Ramamda, but the 2nd night we closed the gate and made them stay on the main floor. hehe. Canoodling. A very good thing!


  10. Holy mackerel – I can't believe how much your trees have grown in just a year! I didn't realize that they grew so fast – If I were you, I'd be worried about the crape myrtles swallowing up the yard 🙂 They sure do have pretty flowers tho'!


  11. I love that you still like him a lot. Gives me hope I'll meet someone I still like a lot after all that experience and years later. Very sweet. Your backyard is gorgeous! I think you must have green hands, not just the thumbs. If you ever open a bed and breakfast, I'm soooo there!


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