I see your true colors.


Why, HELLO there beautiful!


yes, I am talking to you.

Tis’ Friday again. The summer is flying by me so fast, I can’t get a handle on it.

And I feel dizzy too. But maybe that is just me, the dizzy part anyway.

LoLo has gone to spend a week with her Grandparents at their lake house.

That was a warning for all you fish. SWIM AWAY NOW!!!!

She is supposed to turn 17 while she is there.  I told her, “if she ain’t here, then it ain’t gonna happen.”

(yes, I get a little bit ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ when bossing around)

But I suppose she will grow up whether I keep my eyes open, or closed. We will celebrate next week when she is home and her sister will be back from camp.


I swear, this was her just last week.

On the top of her birthday list: shoes, sharpies and some violent movies.

Remind me to buy stock in sharpies, ok? She loves them.

She and a friend purchased this t-shirt…it comes black and white and you color in with your sharpies.


They are going to make it the T-shirt of the traveling sisters. (Like the movie: traveling pants)

My weekend? cleaning/organizing, ironing, laundry, maybe even starting a new book?

Tis’ but a dream. 

Pleas tell me you are doing something exciting and fun while I am slaving lounging away.

Bee sweet!

Bee colorful!

Bee organized!

36 thoughts on “I see your true colors.

  1. I have decided to spend the week-end making Keith happy. That means cleaning my clutter off the bedroom floor and cooking low calorie dinners. How that for pitiful?Your daughter is LOVELY. I'm missing her for you.


  2. Dang them kids and the way they add the years on 😦 She's a sweetie Suz.I have a granddaughter turning 10 today!! My weekend??? Ha, the G-daughter want's to go riding horses for her day, and when I get done with that, gotta clean the dad's abode some more..blah…You have a great weekend cleaning..er lounging around too 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    Hard to believe LoLo will be 17! She is beautiful and I love her shirt! Don't work too hard Suzanne. We are hoping for rain ~ it has been so dry. Hope you get a chance to start that new book.P.S. I love your hibiscus ~ pretty color.


  4. Couldn't you just get a whole bunch of white shirts and draw whatever you want versus a special shirt for sharpies? It sounds fun though. What a great kid.Violent movies? Interesting : ) 17? Shut the heck up. Why is this happening to us? Why. Why. Why.Put down the organizing boxes and go have fun. DEFINITELY start your new book. Don't work your life away Suz.Bee HAPPY! Bee NICE! Bee lazy.


  5. laura saw that shirt and loved it. i am a mean mom. i said… no. i can't remember why. so… you two on your own again? wow! and i love your bossiness. that made me LAUGH. if only we could boss them into staying little 🙂


  6. I just discovered your blog today and enjoyed reading a few of the posts.Happy birthday to your daughter. My \”baby\” turns 18 this month and I can't quite believe it. She can't be a legal adult already!


  7. I wish we could hold back the clock too. *sigh* It really does feel like 'just the other day' my girl was that little too. Plans? I just got back from the grocery store. We're supposed to get a bunch of rain and I didn't really wanna get soaked. Other than that? Um…nothing! : )


  8. I hope you're not really slaving away when the kids are gone, not when you and the hubs have this special time just for you!Lolo is a beautiful girl. And hey, I really like the sharpies shirt.


  9. LoLo is so pretty…and starting to look like a college girl already. I always shed a tear or two on my daughters' birthdays. It hard for a mommy to not be throwing them a little party!This weekend? Me?? I also plan to clean and organize here. Still have boxes of my mom's things in the garage. Also…it is the annual \”Pig Out\” here…The downtown streets are blocked off for bands and food booths…Perhaps we will check it out tomorrow.Have a fabulous Friday. ~Nataliep.s. I love the post about your dogs and storms…they can come here and hide under the guest bed with Lucy!


  10. Your girls (both of them) are both so pretty —and growing up so very very fast… I love Lo's 'sharpie' shirt…. How creative!!!!! You and Coach need to do some 'fun' things together while the girls are gone… The puppies will be there to make sure you 'behave'….. BUT–don't work on housecleaning, etc…. Do some canoodling… Have FUN!!!!!We are on our knees PRAYING for rain… I'm sure we'll also do a RAIN DANCE…. I watered some of the plants outside this morning hoping that 'that' would make it rain for sure… So far, NUTTIN…Hugs,Betsy


  11. Nope, nothing exciting for this weekend. We'll drop by the \”Art in the Park\” and that will be the excitement for the weekend. Living in a tourist area, we rarely leave our house during weekends in summer and fall.I love the tee shirt.


  12. That shirt looks pretty neat. That's the first I've heard of this bit of fashion. I may need to buy stock in Sharpie's as well.I'm sure LoLo will have two wonderful birthday celebrations. The only thing worse than children growing up too fast is having grandchildren grow up too fast!Have a great weekend.


  13. The t-shirt is brilliant – what a fun project to do with a friend!I'm cleaning today, in prep for a party here tomorrow. Potluck, and we're providing 2 hams, baked beans, snacks, drinks, etc. It's going to be fun to celebrate the first week of really HOT weather here! I hope you have some fun times with Coach this weekend – maybe you can go on a date, since the girls are away?


  14. Lounging it is! Or floundering as they call it in S. Carolina! Me lounging before my son comes home (oh , I do miss him) – and keeping Hubby occupied which is a full time job in itself – so maybe just a little floundering.


  15. You're the momma. YOU get to decide if LoLo turns 17 or not! :DWow. 17!We will be unpacking, doing laundry, and stocking up the house this weekend, since returning from our trip! Oh, and going on a triple date with my cousins and their dudes – taking them all to see Eclipse. They aren't too pleased! hehe…Have a wonderful weekend; whatever it may bring!


  16. There's no way you and I each have a houseful of teenagers… It just can't be. We're FAR too young for this.I will continue living in the fine State of Denial…. feel free to come join me. 🙂


  17. I love that shirt, how cool! What a fun idea, I bet they loved doing that. Your daughter is all kinds of adorable, hope you have a great birthday celebration! I can only imagine how time flies when kids are growing up.


  18. Anonymous

    your daughter is so cute! i know they grow up so quickly! i remember my Andrew when he was a chubby little baby and now he is taller than me!we'll be in a hotel for a couple of weeks and then we start our journey to TN!have a great weekend!


  19. Oh my. My girls are going to be grown and gone before I know it. I just finished a draft of my youngest in some early poses (she will be 5 next month) then I come over here and read this and you are right she can't turn 17 when she is not with you. It is NOT allowed. She is beautiful.


  20. Hi Suz! Your girls are both so adorable…you gave them such pretty genes!! I've been slaving too, but still tons to do. Now I must go fix some chow for Pa…I get a bit Beverly Hillbilly too at times.hehe. Have a great week.ps-do you ever hear from the sweet gal from KBLtoSAN? I hope she's okay.


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