When it came to the awkward years, I was the perfect role model.

It was going to be a big day. My graduation from 7th grade. Next year, I would be in high school. With the big fish.

I was done with my awkwardness, I was going to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

I decided to take my time and beautify myself before the graduation.

I ran the bath…I even added some of the Jean Nate’ bath oil that my Grandma loved so much.

I soaked. I soaked. And then I soaked some more.

Finally, it was time to dress and dry my hair. No time to lose now.

I dressed in my new terry cloth striped dress. It was so pretty.

A few spritzes of my Loves Baby Soft…I am really something.

I got out the blow dryer and my round brush. Watch out Farah Fawcett.

I dried.

I dried.

I dried.

My hair was not really drying.

So then I got out my fancy dancy curling iron.

My hair still seemed kind of wet. Oily.

What could I do? It was time to go.

suz 7th grade

Apparently you should not soak your hair in Jean Nate’ bath oil. Lesson learned.

greasy gross mess.

And for me, this really was just the beginning of my awkward years…things would get much worse before they got better.

31 thoughts on “When it came to the awkward years, I was the perfect role model.

  1. OMG! This is sooo funny and cute!!! I can't imagine you putting Jean Naté bath oil in your hair.. That stuff smelled AWFUL– my mom had the colone- or after bath (whatever it was)– It sure smelled bad!!! Love the pic of you!!!


  2. You were such an adorable little sweetie – you made your hair look good, Suz! To me, it just looks super-shiny. You know, you might have started a trend; they charge a lot of money nowadays for \”hot oil treatments\” in salons, don't they? =)


  3. Oh What a cute little 7th grade girl. Love your hair… That was the THING back then…. And I remember Jean Nate…. Do they still make that stuff?????We were all awkward during those early teen years… Oh well—look how you turned out!!!!!! WOW–what a beauty–who gets more beautiful every day.Hugs,Betsy


  4. I think it's a fantastically cute picture! And your hair looked adorable! I am trying to find out why girls these days seem to have way less awkwardness! lol… spoiled girls.


  5. Love the cute pic! But totally feel your pain about the awkward years. I could have been a poster child for it too. I'm so glad to have grown up and sort of 'found myself' and let a lot of the kid stuff go. Not to say that I don't still have my moments of awkward though. : )


  6. Great post. It takes me back to those years and the awful awkward times. I was a Junior Marshal for 8th grade graduation and wore my first pair of heels for the occasion. Should have practiced on the sidewalk a bit more. Talk about awkward!


  7. You had a graduation from 7th grade? The only graduations I had were from high school and college… I think I got gypped :(I think your picture looks great!


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