Home makeover; of the un-extreme kind.


I did a little sprucing up of the family room this past weekend while the family was away. That’ll teach them to leave me alone.

before; blah.IMG_2020

I have been looking for a better rug for several months. I knew just what I wanted, a large pattern, with some soft reds, gold and green. I do love the fall colors; year round.

I finally found the perfect rug. And it was on clearance, plus a few washable pillow covers for comfort.


By the way, this rug is approved by both Cocoa and Ozzie.


Raise your hand if you noticed the dust on the bottom of the coffee table in the first photo.


I almost threw up when I saw it, but I could not stand to stain my  pretty rug with my lunch.  


28 thoughts on “Home makeover; of the un-extreme kind.

  1. Love your makeover! And no I didn't see the dust in the 1st photo…but I went back and looked and there it was…lol…it makes my day to know I am not the only one! 🙂 Happy hump day friend! XX


  2. You're cutting edge and it shows in your forcefully subtle design element enhancements. (How's that for professional talk???)You're also gifted in reaching out to the common person. I now know I can invite you to come over and look at my dust with me, and you'll still respect me afterward.


  3. Kelly

    Ok, I must admit, I noticed the dust on the coffee table. I actually tired to enlarge the picture because I couldn’t believe there would be dust in YOUR house :o). I, too, LOVE fall colors year round. Our entire home is shades of red, orange, gold and brown. Very nice job with your makeover.


  4. Hey, GREAT move! Really makes a difference when you change just a few things. Dust? Hmmm…dust bunnies are actually my pets…They even like the dorm :)Enjoy your new room Suz.


  5. Love it! Much better! I love a little spruce up! And it matches the dogs. How perfect. We have a red couch and a white cat. Um..I didn't do so hot with the matching! Your babies are sure to blend right in. 🙂


  6. ooo.. pretty! and it is just what happens when a girl is left alone! too bad if they don't like it (but i bet they do!) dust? i do not believe you, my very clean friend, had any sort of noticeable dust! it must have been a hallucenation.


  7. Hi Sue,I've been catching up in blogland today. Man, what a difference a new rug makes. I am SUPER impressed. And the pillows just POP! I love it all.I hope your adorable Lo-lo had a good birthday while at her grandparents'. Your girls are so stinkin' cute. How do you stand it?I loooove the idea of the traveling shirt.I also got a kick out of your \”Farah Fawcett\” photo shoot. Looks like you should have taken her place instead of Cheryl Ladd…what were they thinking??!! : )Have a good day,Mary Lou


  8. beautiful, suz… as always you and the pups have great taste…i love your doggies. have i ever told you i love your doggies?i dont think i have.well i do.i want them.


  9. I liked the old rug —but LOVE the new one. It is so 'warm' looking… Love those colors….How dare you —have dust on your furniture!!!!! Shamey Shamey….. (I don't dust until I can write my name on it… That's my retirement rule!!!!! ha ha)Hugs,Betsy


  10. I know my approval isn't as important as Ozzie's and Cocoa's, but I really like the new look. If you hadn't said anything about the dust no one would have noticed.


  11. WOW, Martha – I mean, Suz – that is quite a transformation! You do have the eye, and to think you did it on a bargain budget is even more impressive. I like it!


  12. Anonymous

    amazing what a few pops of color can do! it looks great!and no i did not see the dust…i guess i'm just used to seeing it around me all the time, hee hee


  13. Dust?Are you freaking kidding me? You may NEVER come over to my house. I just thought the other day that perhaps I should dust the stairway as I have never dusted it even once since we moved in. Do you hate me?I flipping love the pillows!


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