The drama of the *cleaning*



Two of us had our teeth cleaned on Wednesday.

One of us liked it.

One of us did not.


One of us has dental insurance.

One of us does not.


One of us asks for sedation, but is always denied.

One of us has to be completely sedated.


One of us had to pay $136.

One of us had to pay more.


One of us had some minor plaque.

One of us had some major plaque and even gums packed with hair.


One of us had a nice lunch with someone special just after the cleaning.

One of us stood swayed in the kitchen for an hour when they got home and did not want dinner.


One of us loves the feel of clean teeth.

One of us loves the feel of a leather sectional under our butt.


One of us fell out of the car when we got home.

One of us had horrible wharf breath.

One of us won’t remember the day ever happened.


One of us can’t take a picture without having 14 chins to save her life, but she loves how pretty her teeth look today.


I hope you realize that it was Ozzie who had hair stuck in his gums and the wharf breath.

FYI, It has been a while since I fell out of a car.

And it was all worth it for the wharf breath seems to have dissipated. I’ve saved $$ on gas masks.

32 thoughts on “The drama of the *cleaning*

  1. i was S hoping it was not YOU with the hair in her gums. that would be… gross! i am just amazed at the fun stuff you come up to do while your kids are away 🙂


  2. What a cute post! You are so pretty Suz! I've been using that Arm and Hammer toothpaste and whitener and enamel booster every day and it really helps keep my teeth feeling like I just had a cleaning!


  3. It took me a minute, but I DID assume we were talking about a pet after I saw the \”hair in the teeth\” part. How can they stand it? Eew.Congratulations on wiping out Wharf Breath.


  4. Isn't it funny that we're all taking care of our teeth cleaning business at the same time? Though mine comes 4 times a year, so I feel like I'm always having it done.I think it's a trick camera that adds those chins!


  5. I thought you were talking about you and Coach at first —until you mentioned that one of you had hair in their teeth…. I knew then that it was one of the doggies… ha ha ha Poor Ozzie…. Glad you got rid of the wharf breath though… My friend's mother used to have a yappy little dog (a Pom)… That dog's breath would knock you down… I couldn't stand to be around \”Little Bit\” as she was named… SO-I know about wharf breath….Glad Ozzie was sedated when he had all of his tooth work done…. Bet that did cost you an arm and a leg… BUT—as with all pets, I'm sure it was worth it.Your teeth are GORGEOUSHugs,Betsy


  6. OMG… another one of the funniest posts I've ever read. I so enjoy reading your blog every day! And you look LOVEY – sparkly blue eyes and blinding white teeth!! :DAnd look at Ozzie show off his smile… =) too cute.


  7. : ) I love you.I always thought you had wharf breath though. It was just a feeling I had : )Suz, do you know how to take a picture with 0 chins….duh! Put the camera OVER your head and look up. Never in front of you. Oh my. I have nine zillion chins that way. Above me and I look sort of normal and no one would ever know that I weigh 508 pounds.


  8. Very funny narrative. We brush our dogs' teeth twice a week and so far we haven't had to have them cleaned at the vet.Speaking of sedation…are we a little worried about that tumbled wisdom tooth?


  9. Hehe. At first I had no idea where this was going. Glad it was Ozzie who had the hair in his teeth. :<) You do NoT have multiple chins you silly!! Pretty teeth, nice smile, dancing eyes. Cute gal!


  10. I like having my teeth cleaned, but I can imagine Daisy would not be thrilled. Once in a while we take the horses to the dentist to get their teeth filed. They need major sedation and don't like it a bit!


  11. LOL! I'm laughing so hard… I'm thinking \”How the HECK did Coach get HAIR packed in his gums?\” and \”I had NO IDEA Coach was SUCH a baby about going to the dentist?!\” Hilarious!!


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