Grandma’s lap

A house needs a grandma in it.

~Louisa May Alcott

I miss my grandma so much. I still find myself talking to her each day.

As a little girl, I remember sitting on her lap, feeling like the most special girl in the world.. She would run her fingers through my hair, and I would just melt.

She would always point out the mole on the back of my neck, she called it my ‘sweet spot.’ Frankly, I think it is quite ugly, and un-sweet.

Life was good while sitting on Grandma’s lap.

There is a good possibility that my love for ‘As The World Turns’ started while sitting on her lap. Grandma usually stopped everything to watch ‘her stories.’

(I gave up my love for ATWT about 15 yrs ago, approx the same time as her; she said all the men and women on soap operas turned into sluts, because they all slept around. I could not argue)

Back to the lap story…

Going through photos recently, I am not the only one who loved Grandma’s lap.

Little LoLo

G'ma and Lo

The girls and I. Could this be lap squared?’G'ma Suz and girls

It seems we were never too big for her lap. Here I am around 13. (my Dad on the left) Scan_Pic0022

Even the Coach got in on the lap action. It looks as though she is asking him what he wants for Christmas. Scan_Pic0020 (2)

My girls used to sit on my lap…but that has been a while.

I might be lap lonely.

Were you lucky enough to have a grandparent with an open lap?

32 thoughts on “Grandma’s lap

  1. I was very lucky and had wonderful grandparents! During my first three years, my mom still worked and so I was with \”Oma and Opa\” during the day. We were very, very close because of this. My Opa passed away in 92 but my Oma is still with us and is loved by all. Just wish I could spend more time with her…


  2. That's a lovely post Suz- there is nothing like the love of a grandparent. Teenager spent a lot of time in his grandpa and grandma's lap when he was tiny: reading, sleeping,watching tv, playing… I think we all crave that safe comforting spot again. I like cuddling up into other half when we are watching tv- on on his lap exactly but nearly as good.


  3. Anonymous

    What a sweet post about your Grandma. I love the photos you shared today. I can remember my grandma watching ATWT also and how quiet I had to stay so she could hear! I love that your Grandma had room for each of you in her heart and on her lap ~ she was very special indeed.


  4. Good Morning,Those are some sweet photos and some awesome memories. I like that your whole families has good memories of spending time on grandma's lap.For me, it was actually my grandpa. I can remember sitting squeezed in beside him in his rocker…and he could tell the best stories. I wish I would have written them all down…not sure if he made them up, or they were old classics…Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie


  5. My Mom has the best lap around…when I was a kid and now that my kids can sit on it. She can barely ever sit down without having one of her 19 grandkids all over her. And she loves it!


  6. how lucky you were to have a great gradma with a lap! My grandma was always \”old\” and I don't remember sitting on her lap, although I remember her funny stories. My grandpa wasn't much for laps either, but great for fun and practical jokes. I guess they love us in their own way? My kids have 4 fabulous grandparent laps and have enjoyed them for years. Even Son at 17 3/4 will sit on a lap….sigh.


  7. I did, but only until I was about 4 when she passed away. I still remember her vividly, though. (My other grandma was alive until I turned 18, but she was no fun. LOL)Love your photos and stories. So touching. Your grandmother reminds me of my mom a little, looks-wise. So sweet!


  8. So sweet!p.s.You look sooo young with your two girls.. (I am sure you heard that a lot.. like me) so that gives me hope! You and my mom both looked young, and now you look FABULOUS!!! That gives me hope!:)) you are sooo beautiful!


  9. This post made me cry because I NEVER ever had a grandparent at all. I didn't know the difference when I was little—but I know now how much I missed… My Mom was 42 when I was born and Daddy was 53… ALL of my grandparents were dead. The only older people in my life were some Great Aunts, but I don't think I was ever very close to them.Great post and I love the pictures. I know how much you must miss your Grandma.Hugs,Betsy


  10. Suz, How lucky you are to have those pictures. I was just telling Emily yesterday about how much I loved my grandma and how much I miss her.Big hugs to you! I know you loved your grandma.


  11. What a lucky girl you were! My Dad said that his Grandma had a rule that you could sit in her lap until your feet touched the floor and then you were deemed too big. So as a teen, he would always hold his feet up:)


  12. You look like your beautiful Grandma Suz!I didn't have any relatives with the open lap way of life.I think that's why mine is always available to any Grand or child who wants to reside there for a little or a long while.


  13. Perhaps Coach has a lap that could help you get over your lap loneliness. I don't remember a grandparent with an open lap, so I envy you. Thanks for sharing these neat pictures with us.My mother gave up on \”As The World Turns\” about fifteen years ago as well.


  14. Such a sweet post Suz!! No wonder Cocoa and Ozzie have become lap dogs! I always sat on my Papa's lap and he would tell me stories about the depression and also what a great cook my grandma was. Great memories!P.S. Scout says you can sit on her lap!


  15. Anonymous

    I didn't have grandparents until I was married…then I got 4! I did miss out growing up…but I hope to be a big lapped grandma someday :)lMnop


  16. This is so sweet. I'm sorry you have to miss your grandma. I know all the people who love you would love to give you more time with her, including her grandma. I am sure she missed you just as much as you miss her.


  17. I love your grandma stories. She was such a aweetie. I had two very different grandmas but both of them would lend a lap or let me curl up beside them and talk through whatever was on my mind. : )


  18. I didn't get to see my grandparents very often, so I was never comfortable in their laps. But laps are important, I agree. I intend to keep my lap open for my grandchildren of all ages.


  19. Oh yes. My Grandmas loved me so much. I was definitely allowed to sit on their laps. Now, because I am FAT I don't think I sat on my Daddy's Mom's lap as she was skinny as a stick. I loved her. Both of my grandparents were wonderful!


  20. So sweet – you're so fortunate she had such a long life! My last grandparent died when I was 13, and before that, when I was 4… (and they never lives in the same town as us)…. that was ONE thing I made SURE we did with our kids… had ALL the grandparents around!


  21. Both grandpas died before I was born. My grandma Miller,Daddy's mother, wasn't really the cuddley type and I didn't get to spend much time with Mom's mother, so never really got to know a grandma's lap like you did. My Aunt Dot and Uncle Jim were really wonderful substitutes though. So loving and both had great laps! (They weren't really related to us, but lived across the street and were childless for their first 20years of marraige. Then Mary came along, then Christopher. Miracle kids!) xx-Cassie


  22. oh suz… i love that you are chatting with your grandma… and hate that your haert is still hurting. these pics of your family & grandma's lap are precious… beautiful memories.


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