Gettin’ Squirrelly in the bathroom.


I spruced up the girls’ bathroom while they were away.

{I know what they like.}

Isn’t this shower curtain the cutest thing ever?


Squirrels, owls and trees oh my!

They love woodland critters. IMG_2100

Come to think of it, they love all critters.


What did we ever do before Target?

Surely life was just miserable and lacking color.

Have a colorful Tuesday.

35 thoughts on “Gettin’ Squirrelly in the bathroom.

  1. LOVE that shower curtain! I've been looking for some quirky fabric to make curtains for the sunroom and this would be perfect. Too bad it's a shower curtain…


  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE the shower curtain! My nephew in MN greatly appreciates you shopping at Target! I hope you bought candy while there – he's the buyer – I know, it's a tough job!!!Now you need to find some acorn shaped soap!


  3. WOWZA! I LOVEEEEE this! they will love this!Target puts crack in their vents.. I swear it! Its an addiction that I never want to stop!Although I have to force myself to stick to my list! There has only been a handful of times that i've managed to spend less then 100 dollars when I go in there!


  4. People that like Target REALLY like Target… I've never lived close enough to one to use it often… I have been to one –but it's bee years….Cute shower curtain… The girls will love it…Hugs,Betsy


  5. I'm sure the girls will like that curtain (I know I do), but have the dogs seen those squirrels yet? I think you're going to be in for some barking & excitement. Please do report!


  6. Anonymous

    As soon as I saw it I knew it was from Target! My niece's room has the owl and the tree decals on the wall in her room….totally cute! Totally 60's too!lMnop


  7. I freakin' love Target. In fact, my class this year gave me a generous target gift card because I t alk all the time baout how much I love it! I'm thinking of redoing my girls bathroom too. Something a little more grown up. I was thinking a beachy theme after our latest vacation! Target…here I come!


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