Would you? Could you?


Cook food in this? IMG_2197

Or how about this?IMG_2198

In a hole? with a mole?

me neither.

Perhaps I am just spoiled?

These do not reside in MY kitchen, but someone expected me to use them.

No thank you.

I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like a nasty pan,
I do not like them, Sam I am.


38 thoughts on “Would you? Could you?

  1. Good Morning,Hey you didn't tell me you were a Family and Consumer Science teacher?! This is exactly how our pans look in our Foods lab. The kids cook at too high a heat…scourching things to the pan…then they clean up in a hurry not taking the time to scrub off the crud. So 1st block leaves…2nd block comes in and gets ready to prepare their product and they say, 'Mrs. G…look at our pan'I can't wait for school to start!!Tell me…when did you actually use these pans?Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie


  2. Hmmmmm…. In past, my skillets could get kinda scratched up (back before teflon-type stuff)… AND–I had an old heavy cast-iron skillet which I loved for many years. These days I use a big teflon-coated skillet –and I'll admit that it does have some scratches in the bottom. But–it's not bad –like the ones you pictured, especially that second one. I tend to use pans and skillets for years and years though…Hugs,Betsy


  3. i can just see and hear the sham wow guy sellin a pitch for some cloth that will clean that up! you are so cute and funny!!! i wouldnt use them as is but i might try to clean them up… BTW who is the culprit thats wanting you to use those…


  4. suz…..oooh, where did these yuckies come from? ewww, they would need some major overhauling before i would put any food in them. i know they are probably repairable with some TLC….LOTS of it. and i have stainless revereware and waterless cookware that is my MIL's. she has had for years. then i have le creuset, i love it. and my old seasoned cast iron skillets….gotta have several sizes of those. but i wouldn't expect anyone to cook with/in that, with rust? ewwww, give me a break…..that is just gross! jo


  5. I wouldn't use them now unless of course they were all I had. There was a day that all I had were some old used pans, like this and so now I so appreciate cooking on much better! If I had to, I would but after I used some elbow grease…:)


  6. Oh no they'dNever be my own.Maybe some guyWho lived alone.Those are nasty, but could probably be cleaned up with alot of elbow grease. I remember cringing when I saw the coffee pot that the guys used in the control room at the power plant. They got mad when I cleaned it…said it ruined the taste of the coffee. Ugh.


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