Friday; Drive-Day



The girls and I are heading north to see my Mom. And by north, I mean the {deep south}.

We are partly there…a mere 6 hours to go. ROAD TRIP!!!!

These three might are going to miss us terribly!!!


But then again, there is little room on THIS couch for us. 🙂


Something for you to ponder: 

My Nephew was reading random facts to me last night:

“Did you know your earlobes line up with your nipples.”

I know you did just what I did…you drew an imaginary line from your lobes to your ‘you know what’s’. 


Have a great weekend!!!

32 thoughts on “Friday; Drive-Day

  1. no they dont!! mine are too big!! hey i just got an email it is time to check your boobies!!!i signed up for monthly reminders from 'check your boobies . com' we girls need to be up on such things!!


  2. OK, I DID try to draw that line, which only left me confused 🙂 Your husband and the dogs are like me when the wife leaves town: she hears my various plans and she is like DAMN, you're going to have fun! Why yes, yes I will….popcorn and the movie Caddyshack, seeing my disreputible friends….all of that 🙂


  3. Hi There, Hope you all have a good 'girls' trip…. Looks like Dad the the pups are going to work hard while you are gone!!!!! ha ha That statement by your nephew 'ain't' true for me these days…. Nuff said!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  4. Anonymous

    Hope you have safe travel and I hope you have lots of cool clothes – no let up in the heat for the next several days, even north of Atlanta.


  5. That's funny…kind of like the thing about it being impossible to lick your elbow….everyone tries.Stop by my blog to collect the award I've given you…it's for blogs I've recently discovered.


  6. Ha – I did do a check! And he's right! (Glad no one saw me do this!) Have a great time on your road trip. If you go north another 23 hours, you can come visit and stay w/ me!!


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