The Door Situation.



In our house, we have standard policy regarding {bathroom and bedroom } doors.

~If a door is open, you may enter.

~If a door is closed, assume someone is seeking privacy.

Most of the interior doors in our house do not lock, so this works for us.

If you are using the potty, CLOSE the door.


When finished, you leave the door OPEN.

We have many guests that come and go.

A good portion of them leave the bathroom door closed when they are finished.

I think they are weird.

Weirdy McWeirdsalot.   

How about you….Are you a Weirdy McWeirdsalot?

PS.  I still invite the weirdo’s to come back; shows how particular I really am.

PSS. I won’t even get started on male visitors who leave the seat up. That is a seat situation and all offenders are deserving of a shanking.



Green is my favorite color!

I enjoy this type of green, it helps to pay the bills~


I love this type of green, you should too~


I love to grow green on the outside~


And I paint it on the inside~



I wear a lot of green, and not only while I hug rocks~


I eat a lot of green~



I even see the world through green eyes~


No, those are not MY green eyes , but they are awesome.

You would be so green with envy if I showed you photos of the sweet little boy I spent the weekend with~

Ok, prepare to green up~


I know; ‘yummy in my tummy’ cute.

Next to him, I felt like the Jolly Green Giant!


I hope you enjoyed this little green tour…and when I figure out how to grow green money, I will share with all of you.

Pinky Promise.





All images from google or me. 🙂