Vacation is exhausting.


The girls and I made it to HotLanta with minimal problems.  I only threatened twice to eject someone out of the car!!!


I woke up yesterday morning to the smell of garlic and tomatoes cooking. My Mom was already making sauce and meatballs for our Italian lunch. I was hungry before I even had my coffee!!!


Then there was the devilish chocolate cake!

IMG_3183 IMG_3182

Was it wise to have these two frost the cake?

Our day was filled with lots of laughter.


A few hundred rounds of “bop it”


(I stink at this game!)

Thank goodness playing Bop it and laughing burns calories…that should make up for my big lunch and TWO slices of cake!!!! Oink Oink

We were so pleased to see my Cuz’ Chris this weekend. This may be our last visit before he is stationed in Germany this Fall. Go Army!


He is so cute, and we love him so much!!!

Mi Familia: Cuz Chris, The “hairy” Prince, Aunt Trisha, Lo, Linds, Mom, Uncle Jim and Cuz Patrick. 

The family 5

Life is good in the ‘hood!

Is 8pm too early to go to bed though? 

How are things in your ‘hood?

29 thoughts on “Vacation is exhausting.

  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE your Mom! And your cousin Patrick! And of course your Uncle! And your Army boy 🙂 I love your family. Look at that beautiful group of people.I especially love the icing lickers! They are ADORABLE!Have a fun time. Enjoy every moment.


  2. Anonymous

    You have made me sooooo hungry talking about your mom's food! Nice to see everyone together and I wish Cuz Chris all the best. Can't wait to see all of you in our 'hood!!!


  3. No, 8 PM is NOT too early to go to bed!! I'm lucky if I can stay up that late these days. :(Sounds like you're having a blast. Your family is awfully good looking. Couldn't you have trained the dog to take the picture so you could have been in it?


  4. everyone looks so good! i agree with everyone else, you should of been in the pic too! very handsome family! i hope you have some cooler weather…we had some rain here in NC and the weather has cooled some, so maybe you will get a bit of break too. have a good vacation, be safe, and have lots of good food, i hear it doesn't count when your on vacation, there is always time to work it off when you get home. enjoy mom's good cooking while you are there. lol


  5. Sounds like you're having a great time. And no 8pm is not too early to go to bed, if you want to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning. That's what happens to me when I go to bed 'early'. Enjoy these summer days, my friend! : )


  6. lawdy lawdy lawdy…. sounds like youre havin lots of fun and there isnt anything better than mom's cookin! the girls are so pretty and your family looks so nice. glad you were able to go. cute doggie too but i'll take your boxers instead… 😉


  7. What a neat little family… Glad you got to see Chris this time… Maybe you all can visit him in Germany sometime–once he's there!!!Your Mom is quite the cook, isn't she???? That cake made me hungry…. Glad you ate a piece for me!!!Everything here in our 'hood' is fine –but still hotter than blue blazes… I worked in the yard this morning —and was wringing wet when I came in… Yuk!Have fun in HOT-lanta.Hugs,Betsy


  8. I've always heard that calories don't count when you're on vacation. That cake looks so good that I don't know how you stopped at only two pieces. I'm also impressed that you drove all that distance and only threatened to eject someone twice.


  9. Anonymous

    i hear ya! we made it to clarksville and i'm am wiped out! just taking it easy today.glad you are visiting with family…enjoy your time there!


  10. We just returned from our vacation and I felt like I needed a few days to recoup at home. I hope you have a great time. Looks like you're well on your way to making some great memories!


  11. Your girls are so pretty. Going to bed at 8:00 on vacation…Absolutely! There are no hard and fast rules on vacation! Plus, cake makes you sleepy, right?


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