This little Piggy went to market * And this little Piggy stayed home*



On Tuesday Mom treated us to mani/pedi’s. 

It is true what they say:

No two feet (or toes) are the same. ‘They’ say that right?



This was Lindsay’s first pedi. P1050226

Don’t you know she cracked up laughing, squirming and wiggling during the ‘rub down’ part…it was hilarious to see.

You would have thought her piggies were being ripped off.


Both girls got some pretty artwork on their piggies.

Me, I just go with bright pink, you know, subdued. 🙂


Is your second toe longer than your big toe?

You know ‘they’ say that is a sign of intelligence.

As for me, this only applies to ONE foot.

So, am I only HALF intelligent?

Don’t answer that.  


Prior to the man/pedi visit, three of us risked our lives in the name of excitement…we’ll talk about that later. When I recover. 

Happy Wednesday!

I am trying to keep up with ya’ll when I can get a moment, I swear!

27 thoughts on “This little Piggy went to market * And this little Piggy stayed home*

  1. awwww what a fun thing to do and bless your mama's lil heart! she is so cute, just like your gramma.i LOVE the artwork on the piggies, it really looks nice! so linds is that ticklish, eh? i am one who will laugh hysterically if someone else's laughing, even if i dont know why… just hearing it makes me do it…:)


  2. All four feet look just perfect…. Love the fancy designs on the girls –but I'd be more like you… I'd just get the plain pinkish color…. Your Mom seems to be having a great time with you all there… Glad you all were able to go and see her. I miss my mother so much —now more than ever, since I'm retired and have more time to do things like Family History. Oh Well!!!!!Have fun!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  3. oh, so loverly! pretteh! i've got the mani/pedi addiction now, ever since i brought my stepdaughter to one for her bday a couple of weeks ago. so pretty little flowers on the big toe! you sound a bit rattled, oh my i wonder what happened? are you all right?


  4. LOVE the photo! and the toes looked BEAUTIFUL in person.My second toe is way longer than my first…. and in the movie \”Shallow Hal\”, they make fun of that! (Jerks.) I've always thought it was kind of cool… 🙂


  5. hey suz and fam! i had never had a pedicure before…had my first one when i went to visit my sisters. my middle sissy denise took me for a mani/pedi, that was 3 weeks ago and my toes still look like i just got them done! i loved it. mine are \”whore red\” cuz that is what my honey likes. lol i have since removed it from my hands, they tend to chip faster since i have my nails in water a lot. oh well….hope your having fun, it sure sounds like it. drive safe, lots of crazies out there!


  6. How fun that the 4 of you did this together! How sweet of your mom and how special to do this with her. I have never had a one of these done. I could see myself giggling too. 🙂 I'm glad that you and the girls are getting this time with your mom before they have to go back to school. These are memories they will cherish forever. I know you are enjoying every second of your time together. XX


  7. Catching up here – you've been busy! This looks like a perfect \”girls' treat!\” Toes lookin' gorgeous!SO glad that you get to be with your girls and your mom. Enjoy everything that she cooks – you can exercise later! Safe travels and have fun!


  8. Oh ya, I remember your comment on my post about bigger second toes. COOL! But…although both feet have that genius…ahem…the one on my left foot is a tich longer than the one on the right…So SUZ, what does that make me? I just think we're both uniquely intelligent..or something :)Glad you and the girls got pampered.


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