Red; possibly my least favorite color to wear, it washes me out.

Red; possibly my most favorite color to eat, it fills me up.


If I could eat only one meal per day for the rest of my life, it would be Caprese salad with juicy, red, ripe tomatoes. 

Tomatoes make red a tolerable color for me, as I tend to wear what I eat.

35 thoughts on “Red

  1. i love caprese! when my baby was in italy for 6 years, i went over there like i don't know 5-6 times, i lost track….lol, but we ate this soooo many times. it is one of my fave things, and so easy to make! i also like to make one of diane and chris', my sisters salad's, one of her inventions, tomato basil salad, and it is delish also, with garlic and olive oil, pesto and tomatoes, she will give you the recipe…we eat with crostini. we are BIG foodies, don't get us started in the food arena….lol. but anyway….we love to talk food \”trash\” if you can call it that! ha ha have a good monday, and rest of the week!


  2. the salad looks tasty and is one of my favourites. Red clothes….had to many of those when I was youngMy red is in the Swedish but I also have another with only photochallenges and that's all in english 🙂 hope you have time to visit!


  3. The tomatoes have been unbelievably good this year. They seem to love the awful heat we've been having. We have that salad at least three times a week. I even bought some really expensive buffalo mozzarella. Oh, so good.


  4. BAHAHAHA! you are too stinkin cute.This looks delish, and I am not even a fan of tomatoes! I like them \”in\” things.. but I dont like them raw! BUT LOVEEEE catsup!


  5. Hi Suz….. So you are doing Jen's meme??? I love RED—I even have a red shirt on today!!!! Love that picture of your tomato dish… YUM!!!! Did they come from your yard????If I were posting RED today, I'd probably post a Cardinal.Hugs,Betsy


  6. While the salad does look yummy, I know it's not. I say that only cuz I cannot stand tomatoes. Even worse, tomato seeds left over from when someone forgot I hated tomatoes and tried to take them off of something (e.g. a salad).But, again, the Caprese salad looks beautiful!=)Happy Monday, Suz!


  7. i'm sure you would look fabulous in red or any shades for that matter. you are just that cute! i do love tomatoes and that salad and i HAVE been eating fresh tomatoes every day…


  8. Wear what you eat….Bwahahahaha!! Funny,I guess I do too. Good red representation SuzieQ! That salad looks like my cup of tea too. Tomatoes and cheese and basil. yum. I just had an onion, cheese & tom sandwich for lunch. Ahhh yes, ripe red tomatoes, thanks to California.


  9. That looks SO good…. just got home from work and am snacking on graham ctackers and wonderings what's for dinner. I would love for a big plate of Caprese Salad to MAGICALLY appear… I would happily DIVE in and emerge, gorged, smiling and satisfied!


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