Keeping our Boat in the water.


This time last year Ozzie had Eye surgery. Boxers are prone to corneal ulcers…and he is true to being a boxer.

He has the same problem again, in his other eye.

We caught it earlier and the Dr. is trying something different in lieu to doing surgery.

She did a procedure in the office, (I could hardly look…lots of poking and scraping!) and he has a contact in his bad eye for this week, plus lots of ointments, drops and pills.

And the cone of shame.


We will know in a week if this keeps him from needing surgery or not.

You may recall, we just had his teeth Profe$$ionally cleaned (for health reasons).

Having furry friends comes with a price. When you adopt a pet, these are the kind of things that must be anticipated though.

When I told the coach about this new eye issue he said  “Just like having a boat, every time I turn around something on him is broken.” 

We love our furry boat.

My comedienne Lindsay told me a joke yesterday:

Where is Ozzie from?”

Coney Island!!!!


And in other medical news LoLo had all her wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday.  Two of them were imbedded in her jaw bone.

She(and I) was expecting the worst. She is a tough cookie and only took a few pain pills the first day, then went to ibuprofen with 1/2 a pain pill a few times a day. Girls are tough.

Her boyfriend told her how horrible it was for him, he could not walk out of the Dr’s office, pain for days, even brought him to tears. I think he is still traumatized by it.  Boys.

I referred to his wisdom teeth pulling as:  Man cold.

So, this weekend, I’ll be taking care of my little chipmunk and avoiding being taken down by a cone-head with no depth perception or peripheral eyesight.  

Just call me Nurse Ratchet Nightingale!

 What is on your calendar for the weekend? I hope something delightful!

Bee Caring.

Bee kind.

Bee a responsible pet owner.


31 thoughts on “Keeping our Boat in the water.

  1. I remember when he had to have that cone thing around his head the last time. Yes, you are so right about the cost of having a pet. Sadly, far too many people go into it not thinking about that and end up neglecting their animals. Drives me crazy!!!I hope LoLo and Ozzie heal quickly and that you have a wonderful weekend of nursing them back to health.Later today I will take the woman I care for to Eat, Pray, Love and maybe have a drink with her and another friend of ours. And tomorrow good friends are coming for the weekend. We rarely get company so the littles are overly excited and I fear the people that are coming are going to get knocked over by a 3,4, and 5 year olds excitement. They don't have kids, just a dog that they are bringing with, which only adds to their excitement. :)Happy weekend to you and yours Suz!XX


  2. Anonymous

    Well, Nurse Nightingale, seems you have your hands full. I hope Ozzie and LoLo feel better soon. I love Linds' joke! Also, loved the video. Shortly after John and I married, he had his tonsils removed at age 40 – – – I came shamefully close to killing him!!! ha ha ha My love to each of you and wishes for a nice weekend.


  3. Isn't it fun…all the *stuff* in our lives…makes me smile.And yes, we feminine ones in the universe are what keeps it sparkling…the guys are just here for pounding nails when we can't find the time :)No, I'm not a man hater.It's just Friday the 13th..Have a fun weekend Suz


  4. You are one good mom, Miss Suz 🙂 Seriously? He has a contact in his eye? That is so neat. Hope he won't need additional surgery.I am impressed with your strong daughter. She's been raised nicely, I do believe. And you are RIGHT about the man thing. When Checkered had a vasectomy, the entire metro-Detroit area was forced to close down to acknowledge his pain and suffering. Bleh.


  5. What would families do without moms? Did they call the dog's contact a water bandage? I had a hole in my cornea almost 26 years ago and they gave me a \”water bandage\” which was a flimsy contact. The premise is the cornea's cells are very orderly like a brick wall. Proper healing keeps them as originally created. Improper healing makes the cells seem like a pile of bricks in a heap which results in cloudy vision – – – and of course I did not know all this until my injury. – – and praying, too, for your daughter's recovery to continue to be uneventful and as pain free as possible. Both our daughters went through that, also.


  6. I remember when I had MY wisdom teeth out. It wasn't pretty and I'm pretty sure I took the meds longer than that. But yes, girls are a lot tougher than boys. That vid cracked me up! I hope evvverybody feels better soon. Nobody wants to wear the cone of shame! : )


  7. Oh–you are such a good nursie to not only your human family –but to your furry family also…. Poor Ozzie… He probably wonders what in heck is going on with him….. Glad Lo did so well with her teeth extraction… The key is not to get a dry socket… Sounds like she is fine.People don't realize how much pets can cost us.. They want all of these cute little critters –but they don't want to pay to keep them healthy. You all do a great job with your animals.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Aw poor Cone Head 😉 And Chipmunk! 🙂 I had my wisdom teeth out when Sierra was a baby, and everything went great . . . until a day or two later when I got dry sockets. Um, ouch. Yes, girls are much tougher than boys! 🙂 Let's see, we had a play date today, a wedding tomorrow evening, and church on Sunday. That's about it!


  9. Oh the cone of shame is such a sad, sad thing. I'm so sorry for your little pooch. I could barely read what you said about the poking and prodding and such with the eye. A dog with a contact, this is a fascinating post!


  10. Oh dear! Life is ever busy in Hospital BB! Sending everyone good recovery vibes (brave souls!) and yep, always have an emergency fund set aside for furry emergencies and upkeep… Did I tell you my big boy's knee replacement surgery cost 5K? yep. never saw it coming either… sigh! Have a beautiful weekend!


  11. I don't even like to talk about wisdom teeth–my story (as is everything to do with my teeth) is not a happy one.My then-boyfriend/now-husband? Mowed my mom's lawn the same day.I hope the chipmunk cheeks come down soon.


  12. ya know, our bella is not well either… what is it, petsbesick month? she has been babying the back part of her backside, so we took her to the vet today, had an x-ray and she has 3-4 vertebrae moderately arthritic and now has to take glucosamine daily along with some pain pills.. poor thing then she was stoned from the pain pills and so cutely funny.. she's 9 nd i cant even bear the thought of her not being with us anymore, cuz we wont let her suffer… so i do understand about ozzie.. our poor babies… bless their little hairy feet…


  13. Poor Ozzie.I hope this treatment works. I hope Lolo isn't experiencing too much pain too. You are SO right about girls being strong. My Teddy was knocked out with nitros ox. for his wisdom teeth and was such a baby. I loved it!! I do not know how he survives as an adult, as his wife has no pity for him when he is ill. He used to call me when they first got married and tell on her for not babying him.hehe.


  14. Awww, the cone of shame 😦 But a dogs gotta do, what a dogs gotta do hahaLove my pets…. had to sell my boat to be able to afford them. Hope Lo recovers well and is feeling better soon 🙂 Sending positive vibes her way!


  15. i hope your sick babies do good, puppies don't understand whats going on, poor lil fella. and in the cone too. my lil morgan had to wear one when she had a procedure so she wouldn't lick her paw, but she is a dachshund and she kept hitting it on the floor….it was pitiful. i finally had to remove it and just watch her carefully. and i remember way back when having all my wisdom teeth out…i don't think i was swollen, just sore. i just had my second baby….so i was quite busy with kids. maybe i was in denial? lol nothing too exciting this weekend, had some bad weather, watched the grandbabies again, i squeezed in another migraine….yeah me. my husband started a new job….and my son and his family are moving into another apartment! nothing too exciting, just the usual stuff! lol lifes little pleasures….gotta love them!


  16. It's a scientific fact that females have a higher tolerance for pain than males do. Glad you wrote about the expense involved in pet care. People always ask me about having 5 dogs and 3 cats. I tell them – I don't go on vacation, I don't eat dinner out, I don't play golf, I rescue animals and it is the most expensive hobby I've ever had.


  17. I wonder who invented that cone of shame…or was there something of interest (peanut butter?) inside of a traffic cone one day, and a dog decided to investigate – hence the cone of shame? I really do feel for him. Are the cats laughing? They seem as if they might. I hope it was a good weekend in spite of the conehead.


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