Double Good News.


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

I totally need a biscuit. and soon.

Good news is always good, right?

*LoLo does not require surgery for her torn labrum in her shoulder. She is done with physical therapy and can start throwing and hitting again!!! (throwing softballs and hitting with bats, NOT throwing or hitting her sister)

*Ozzie rid himself of the cone of shame yesterday…no eye surgery for him either.  *fingers crossed that this issue is over*


Here is is bowing his head in thanks; no more banging into legs, cabinets and furniture.

Well, he still will, but without the plastic cone.


The girls start school on Monday…both of them in the same school this year.

Both of them in the same bathroom getting ready at 5:30am.

Both of them in the same car at 6:15am.

Both of them are labeled: Not morning people.Linds and Lo

I have asked them to please refrain from talk sass in the a.m, just get ready and don’t step on each others toes. Or hair.

I know, I just tarnished your view of my sweethearts. Well, they are sweet, just NOT always to each other.  One day though…

My brother and I never fought as kids…we were angelic. He never gave me painful wedgies while I was wearing my denim overall shorts that required my Mom to intervene shouting:

You are going to hurt her SUZY!

(and you know what she meant!)

I hope all of you have as much to be thankful for as I do today.

Have a safe and fun weekend doing something fun and safe!

Bee healthy.

Bee thankful.

Bee kind to your siblings, refrain from hair pulling and wedgies.

34 thoughts on “Double Good News.

  1. Anonymous

    Great news for LoLo and Ozzie! I know you are so relieved about Lo's shoulder. Cute pic of the girls and I hope they have a great school year. Wishing you all a nice weekend.


  2. Wow—double good news… How can you stand it???? Your girls are so pretty… They are both growing up so fast… Darn–where does time go?????We have a gorgeous, COOL morning up here (64 degrees)… First in a LONG time… yeah!!!!Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Yeah no surgeries!!! You must be thrilled! I so know what you mean about two girl getting ready in the morning in one bathroom. It's not pretty around here, either. The good thing is they are still in different schools (last year) so at least there is peace in the car.


  4. Hey Suz, a quick little stop before I head to work. Love that all is well with Lolo and the poochie, laughed at the peanut butter facials and yes, I remember them gas pumps! Funny they're still around. Sorry you don't have any oranges but loved the orange post. I'll get back again soon as I can….Have a great weekend yourself 🙂


  5. Bravo to no surgerys needed!!!! If it wasn't 8 in the morning I would pour a glass of wine and toast to your happy news. 🙂 What a sweet picture of your 2 sweethearts. I am sure they are normal and fight and get on each others nerves but I can almost bet that if someones else was mean to the other, they would be first in line to stand up and come to their defense. Hope they have a good year at school! And mom too! 🙂 Happy weekend Suz!


  6. No surgery is always good news. I have a feeling that your mornings are going to be interesting for a few days, but the girls will work things out.Have a great weekend.


  7. That really is a double-dose of happy news. Yay for all your newly-recovered loved ones.We have ONE shower in this house. ONE. This school year may be what pushes us over the edge to doubling that number. God be with us all.


  8. 🙂 lol! back to the good old morning routine!Are they able to drive to school, or are you bringing them? At least it'll save on the drive time! I am a TERRIBLE morning person. I wish Icould sleep til noon,a nd I would be a much better person 🙂


  9. i am THRILLED for lo! i thought if it in africa and meant to ask you ever since we've been home! oh, an answered prayer :)i can just see this year… you will be a lady of leisure! just murmur g'bye to them and right back to sleep :)did they go up and get their schedules? will i see you tonight for band?(and just to make you a wee bit jealous… i had a biscuit this morning!)


  10. I'm so grateful, right along with you.Those girls are BEAUTIFUL. Their smiles, lit from within, pretty little noses and those shining eyes. They must have a really good, happy, secure, loving home. Even if they do squabble (and what siblings don't?). Do you think they will make a bathroom schedule so that they don't have to be in there at the same time, getting ready in the a.m.? I wonder how that will shake out…Have a wonderful, cone-free weekend! Hugs to you.


  11. wow what great news that is, suz!!!!! AND the girls are soooo cute!! i bet they are bff's too, even bff's can get in tiffs.. i am so relieved for you about the surgeries not being needed for both ozzie and lo!!!god has had his hands on your lil family..


  12. My strategy for dealing with the kids in the morning is just to stay asleep. Now that you've got a driver there's no need for you to be up!We are doing the shoulder PT routine here as well–for the rotator cuff. Adorable pic of adorable girls.


  13. I LOVE PT – – – much, much more than surgery. PT strengthens while healing is taking place. Hooray, too, for the sweet dog!Our schools start very early, too. It allows more time in the afternoon for sports teams to practice and get home earlier. However, it just doesn't seem right for students to have to be at a desk by 7:30 in their first class. I'm a morning person but being awake before 6:30 isn't for me if it can be avoided.


  14. Those two are going to be the best of best friends forever! I like that they're working out the kinks now while they're younger. ;)Wonderful news about LoLo and I'm glad the cone of shame has been removed. 🙂


  15. Those two are just so damn beautiful! My sister and I never had those issues cuz I was always a wash and go kind of girl (still am!) and she's the one who would spend HOURS on her hair and makeup (still is!!) Just this morning, my kids were cracking up cuz my hair was still dripping when I got to school. Oh, well….SO glad no surgery is needed. That IS good news!


  16. Now that's a bunch of happy right there, woo! Beautiful girls, sweet boxerbaby and a respite from surgeries, how are you celebrating? Going back to bed at 6:30am? *grin*ps: i find it obscene that school forces children to get up at such an ungodly hour 5 days a week, when are they supposed to get their 9 hours of sleep the body and minds need for growth and recuperation? it's crazy!!


  17. Anonymous

    That is double good news! We can all use a dose of double good news once and a while. It sure beats the heck out of double bad news!


  18. This is great news! I bet she is overjoyed to get back to doing what she loves. Happy Back To School for your girls– I had to laugh imagining those mornings– I was an angel too, haha, my sister and I NEVER had silent hair pull fights so our mom wouldn't find out, haha.


  19. I would love to butter your butt and call you a biscuit!What? Your daughters aren't perfect? You've burst my bubble.I'm actually glad they're not perfect, and not morning people.I'm glad your doggie is doing better, and no surgery.


  20. SO glad that neither child nor beast need surgery. Yippee!! Your (two)daughter's eyes are such a gorgeous shade of blue. I bet they're chasing the guys off with sticks. I'm with them…I hate to get up in the morning. Unfortunately my dogs don't, so I have to do the 2am and then the 630am peepee jaunt. Man I hate getting up, usually since I don't even get my eyes shut until around 1 or 2am.


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