Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do. – Helen Keller


When I think of yellow, I always think of sunflowers.


When I think of sunflowers, I always think of ‘happy’.


When I think of ‘happy’…I always think of yellow sunflowers.


I am not completely biased though, I enjoy a happy hibiscus too.


What first comes to mind when you think of yellow?

36 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. lemonheads…lemonsblackeyed susansbananasthe shape of stewies head on family guyschool busesyeild signsraincoats and rain bootsthe sunmustardpencilsbeesbusy beesoh, erm, you just wanted one, right?btw thank you for being so supportive…


  2. Great post! I love the Helen Keller quote and your lovely sunflower photos. Sunflowers always make me smile. I pass a huge field of sunflowers in the fall on my way to work. It's a great way to start the day.


  3. My house is yellow, so that's the first thing that comes to my mind. I'll miss my little yellow house when I move. I'm going to a blue one, and although blue is my favorite color, blue houses are not. :(I ALMOST pulled off the road the other day when I saw a little sunflower field. I just wanted to gaze and take photos. But since I didn't have my camera, I drove onward.


  4. Oh those are wonderful photos, and as a good busy bee your were right in the center of them, giggles I love your yellow color, so bright and cheery just what one needs on a Monday morning, loved your blog too my Florida Sister, I am from FL Jacksonville, moved to Georgia about 15 years ago, hugs my friend, have a very blessed day, Barbara from


  5. Morning, Sunshine! 😀 Yellow is my FAVORITE color! I remember the EXACT day I picked it. All the other girls liked pink and purple. I decided I wanted to be different. I love that quote by Helen Keller. I had the same one posted for a while on my old blog. Hope you have a fab Monday!


  6. I always enjoy a tall sunflower. We haven't had much luck with them over the years, but I remember at least one year where they towered over me. They are indeed good-time flowers.


  7. YELLOW! That's what my mother-in-law says when she answers the phone, so I often think of that when I hear the word yellow. I cut her some slack these days tho….she turned 94 last week. 🙂 Happy Monday Suz!


  8. Man, I love your Sunflowers!! I bought some at the farmer's market in the spring and planted them and they were some weird dwarf type and were sooooo ugly. Yours are the way sunflowers are supposed to look. The Hibiscus shot is really lovely too!! Happy Day dear lady!!


  9. Sunshine..yellow roses..and daffodils ..and tulips..and yes happy sunflowers..and pollen covered bumblebees..April showers with yellow slickers and galoshes..goldfinches and parakeets..and yellow parrots..and yellow cabs and Volkswagens!and don't forget School buses!have a happy Yellowy sunshiny day!warm sandy hugs..Loui♥


  10. Lemons, Sunflowers, and the sun!Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunflower pictures! I also like a yellow kitchen (which mine is not at the moment, I do plan on painting it yellow but that will be at a later date)


  11. Suz,I'm weird I guess, because yellow reminds me of the fall colors of all the trees where we used to live, well they were red and orange too, but alot of yellow. And the sun setting over the Adirondacks, the corn on the cob being harvested, more yellow….with my other favorite yellow….BUTTER! yummmmmmy……my sister C and I used to go for walks and we would crunch through the leaves, or if we had to rake them in piles then me and my brother would jump in it and spread them all back out again!OHHHH, and the color of the dead grass, it is like a yellow color…..see? this is my favorite time of year. FALL, when the weather is cooler, bundling up, getting ready for the holidays. ohhhh yeah. though bees are cute, and flowers too, fall is by far my fave. have a good rest of the week suz!


  12. I agree with you – – – happy! We had a regional library conference at our church a few years ago and decorated everything with sunflowers. We made bouquets with artificial sunflowers, wheat, and the straight stems that were a little thicker than wheat. It was quite beautiful.


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