First first ~ Last first.


Lindsay’s first first day of high school.

  IMG_3755 IMG_3756

Of all the clothes the child owns, she picked out pants that have more holes than fabric.   {Lord help me NOW!}

Of course, like a good Mom, I threatened shanking if I got a phone call from school regarding holy pants.

LoLo’s last first day of high school. *sniff sniff*

IMG_3759 IMG_3760

The girls walked out the door at 6:25 am

At 6:26 am these two slipped into a deep, dark depression.


What the french toast? Where did our girls go?

At the end of the day, one child had an excellent last first day.

The other, not so much. Her exact words were: “I hate high school and I want to go back to middle school.“

All of her friends are at a different school, so it is a BIG transition for her. But, being the social butterfly that she is, she will have a different tale to tell next week.  I am sure of this.

30 thoughts on “First first ~ Last first.

  1. Anonymous

    Such fun pictures of Lo and Linds! Poor Ozzie and Cocoa though. Your daughters are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and I know they will have a great year!


  2. holy pants! haha! glad lo had a great day, and linds will catch up- i know it just like you. plus! she has her new cult (i can't wait to see her FEET dance friday!)


  3. Linds is lucky that she has Lo with her… =)Big transition from Middle School…I would have thought the pants were to hole-y as well, but she does look too cute!!… You should see what some of these girls wear to Alex's high school. One girl had on a leopard, skin tight mini, bare legs and stripper heals {can I say the word “stripper?”}… Although, you do live in Florida where the weather is similar, you prolly see some of the same. It's crazy!Sorry to hear abt Ozzie and Cocoa… love that pic of them though. Ummm. French Toast. Now I am hungry!=)


  4. They are just so stinkin adorable! both the girls and the dogs! (In different ways of course!) I am glad that at least one of your daughters had a good day! Hope to hear the tune has changed for the other realllllly soon! It can be kind of scary making the transition!


  5. Hope it gets better for Lindsay! Those poor, poor babies…I've wondered what my girls do after we've been home all summer and all of a sudden they're alone during the day!


  6. I love all the thought girls put into their clothes so that they can look as if they just threw some old thing on! We did it too, I remember.They both look great and it is so fun they have this year together. Driving to school and home is great bonding.


  7. Oh… I feel for your girl! It can be hard getting started in a new setting. But I'm sure both of them will be in the swing of things in no time. But at 6:25??? That's crazy early! And then there are your real babies. They must be really confused! I'm sure they'll be napping and drooling on the couch and in the swing of school before long too. : )


  8. my baby started high school a week ago Monday. He has enjoyed himself so far, which is good because he started a new school in a new of luck to your girls! As everyone else has posted, they are gorgeous!


  9. Awww… I always hated it when the lazy days of Summer came to an end!!! How fun, that the girls will have one year together in High School. They'll talk about this year for years to come. I was SO happy to read that your LoLo no longer needs surgery. What WONDERFUL news! : )Have a good one,Mary Lou


  10. Yes, of course she will. Those firsts can be rough! But she is smart, sweet and beautiful, and it will all fall into place. It's hard to be patient in high school, but we older folks know it's necessary for all of life…and good things come to those who wait faithfully. It will be FUN, soon.


  11. It sounds as if Monday was a big day at your house. I have a feeling that within a week Lindsay will have more friends than you could shake a stick at. I do feel sorry for Ozzie and Cocoa — they look lost.


  12. Oh—aren't they both just gorgeous??? Those two are growing up much too fast… Where did Lo decide to go to school next year –or has she yet? Linds will do fine… It's a BIG adjustment to change schools like that. Does Lo drive to school now? My granddaughter BayLee is just a Junior –but her grandfather bought her a car and she drives to school…. Keep Smiling, Mama—you and the doggies!!!! Life moves on –whether we like it or not. Darn!!!Hugs,Betsy


  13. Aw, I sympathize with her– it's tough to navigate new situations. But from what you write about her, I'm sure she'll feel so comfortable in her new school in no time.Poor doggies, our lives must seem so strange to them!


  14. Oh man! This stuff is so hard. Why oh why do they have to grow up?!?what lovely, lovely girls you have. They are as gorgeous as their Momma.Sending you a little hug while you deal with these first firsts and last firsts!


  15. This year will fly by for you with it being the last year for the older daughter. The students in our public (and private) schools in this area all have to wear dress code which means solid bottom long pants (or certain length skirts for girls), button closure polo shirts – – solid color & tucked in with a belt in the pants if it has loops. Jeans are only allowed on special \”jeans\” day. None of the clothes can have holes. They did this about 10 years ago hoping that if all the students looked the same, it would help them focus more on academics. I don't know if it worked because we don't follow test scores since ours graduated. And the schools do have a \”closet\” to help with those who need assistance with required clothing. – – and I didn't mean to write a book but it's interesting how different things can be just a \”few\” miles apart.


  16. Your daughters are so beautiful and have grown up so much just in the time I have known you. And those dogs of yours are too stinkin cute. I hope they both have a wonderful school year!


  17. It's funny to see (and hear) how different the girls are, yet they're very much alike :-)Poor doggies – a new routine to get used to. Extra cookie to pad the sad mugs?(if time was pulled back and i was back in high school again, i'd have to borrow L's gun and shoot myself!)


  18. Such beauties, both of them. And Linds will adjust…. probably in a matter of just a few short days (a few weeks, at the MOST!) I'm sure the pups will find SOMETHING to do (trail you around, begging for Milk Bones??) 🙂


  19. Dare I be the Fun Sucker and warn you to love every single second of Senior Year? I so badly want a do over. For the first time ever, I want to repeat one of the kids' years. Senior Year was awesome. Sending them away to college? Not so awesome…enjoy those GORGEOUS girls!!!! Holy Jeans and all (thank God for uniforms here….)


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