My Lil’ Annie Oakley


My daughter the marks{wo}man?

LoLo had her first shooting lesson last weekend.

Don’t all 17 year old girls have a hankering to do this? 


Don’t worry, she was with trained {law enforcement} professionals.


The only thing I shot at 17 was glaring looks…these days, I am fairly good at shooting the breeze.


She had so much fun taking these lessons, she really enjoyed it… this could very well be part of her future.


And just to ‘round out’ her day, she had a manicure and pedicure afterwards. 

All righty Annie Oakley with the pretty blue nails, go on with your bad self! 

That’s MY girl.

29 thoughts on “My Lil’ Annie Oakley

  1. Anonymous

    Way to go LoLo! Larry's daughter was a probation officer before she decided to go on to law school. Like LoLo, she is very petite but a really good shot!


  2. this is great! rob and i went to a shooting range about a year ago, at first i was nervous but then it got pretty fun :)i love that she got a mani & pedi after :)<3 gina


  3. oh! i forgot she was doing this! looks like she did pretty darn well! was she the only one there with a picture-taking-mama? but i love the pics… and that she went to get her nails done afterwards!


  4. Go Girl!!!!!! It's neat that she is beginning to think about a career now… Most kids have no idea what they want to do.. She obviously has GOALS.. That is GREAT. Maybe we'll see her on CSI someday!!!! haGo LoLo… I'm proud of you.Hugs,Betsy


  5. My son (Alex) has been to the range since before he was 10. Always supervised by my dad. He's takes the responsibility very maturely. He hasn't been in a while… got to get him back out there – but he says he wants to be a sharp-shooter. Maybe SWAT or something?! I am all for it. The kids got talent…And so does Lo… Looks like natural talent for her! Great job!Don't mess with the LoLo!


  6. That's what I call a well-rounded woman – I love it! She and David have this in common, though his is a bb gun. I wanted him to take those classes, but never prevailed. Tell her I admire her for it, please!


  7. My father taught me how to shoot when I was a teen. I loved going out to target shoot with him. While I enjoyed it, I haven't shot a gun in years.Target shooting is great for young women and for young men.


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