Green is my favorite color!

I enjoy this type of green, it helps to pay the bills~


I love this type of green, you should too~


I love to grow green on the outside~


And I paint it on the inside~



I wear a lot of green, and not only while I hug rocks~


I eat a lot of green~



I even see the world through green eyes~


No, those are not MY green eyes , but they are awesome.

You would be so green with envy if I showed you photos of the sweet little boy I spent the weekend with~

Ok, prepare to green up~


I know; ‘yummy in my tummy’ cute.

Next to him, I felt like the Jolly Green Giant!


I hope you enjoyed this little green tour…and when I figure out how to grow green money, I will share with all of you.

Pinky Promise.





All images from google or me. 🙂

34 thoughts on “Green

  1. love your ode to green this morning! and it was so fun to get to see that little sweetie in person! see? now i don't have to bee green with envy. oh. unless you arae successful with that money tree thing 🙂


  2. My fav color also Suz! And yes, I'm green now too. I mean, how could I not bee of someone who can hug huge rocks! And spend time with that future little heart breaker :)Enjoy your Monday


  3. Hi Suzanne, Great 'green' post…. You are so cute hugging that rock….. Love seeing that baby, and I am 'green with envy' over that one!!!!I figured you would talk about going GREEN environmentally –so you didn't disappoint…I still love that GREEN money the most.Have a great day.Hugs,Betsy


  4. my gillians favorite color is green, haleys is red or rojo as she likes to call it. they were both born in december so my christmas babies favorite colors are christmas colors..i love your greens, the color in the hall and room are so subtle and fresh. i love it


  5. Green has always been my favorite color, so you KNOW I loved this post! My beautiful \”new\” basement is painted green, as are half the walls in my kitchen. I have the exact same runner that you do in your mud room/laundry room (?). I have the larger version in the sitting area of the basement, as well. Great minds think alike! And, that baby? YUMMY, for sure!


  6. This was so clever and creative and cute. We have gotten very green with recycling this year – – – adds more work to us but it makes us feel like such good stewards of God's creation!


  7. I love all your greens…that little boy is deliciously adorable…and yes if you figure out how to grow money before I do, let me know and if I beat you to it, I will definetly share it with you. 🙂


  8. Oh, he is a YUMMY baby, I agree.Yes, you had mentioned that you are GREEN, very. I love the recycle-bin pics – almost as much as those scary green contacts!(Katie also had green eyes – unique in our family.)I just hope your love for green does not involve any snakes or 'gators. When do we get to see photos of the dance team?Are you serious about the humidity? Even with the A/C? I am so ignorant of life in the deep south, y'all. Do tell more…up here, we have rain coming already!xoxo


  9. Love the photos… and (believe it or not) I have stood under the Jolly Green Giant. That statue is in Blue Earth, MN…. halfway between my brothers house in Minneapolis and my (departed) grandmother's house, in Jackson, MN…. :)Little bit of \”green trivia\” for you there, my friend.


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