The Door Situation.



In our house, we have standard policy regarding {bathroom and bedroom } doors.

~If a door is open, you may enter.

~If a door is closed, assume someone is seeking privacy.

Most of the interior doors in our house do not lock, so this works for us.

If you are using the potty, CLOSE the door.


When finished, you leave the door OPEN.

We have many guests that come and go.

A good portion of them leave the bathroom door closed when they are finished.

I think they are weird.

Weirdy McWeirdsalot.   

How about you….Are you a Weirdy McWeirdsalot?

PS.  I still invite the weirdo’s to come back; shows how particular I really am.

PSS. I won’t even get started on male visitors who leave the seat up. That is a seat situation and all offenders are deserving of a shanking.

33 thoughts on “The Door Situation.

  1. Anonymous

    Oh yes, we leave doors open if we're not in the room. I'm afraid I'm very guilty of using the bathroom with the door open because I always get disturbed anyway!!!CJ xx


  2. i loved the amsterdam airport doors… like port-a-potty doors- little slots that showed green or red so you knew if it was occupied! as for the other doors in the house, i close the bedroom doors… too messy and i do not wanna see the mess!


  3. I'll leave them open at my house but closed at other ppl's houses. But it bothers me when I find them closed. Hmmm..maybe I need to rethink some things. : )


  4. Funny post, Suz….. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other… It's just not an issue with me.. Since George and I are alone, we never close doors (unless there is company in the home).. I do like locks on door –when I am somewhere else. My suggestion: Put up notes (rules) for your guests… And heaven help if they put stinky in the potty… Do you have a match they can strike????? ha ha You are TOO much!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  5. i think if you have a home with just girls, you should \”glue\” the seat down, don't you? why would it need lifting? if a guy comes in, he can just SIT DOWN! its a girls house! lol just kidding suz, we had this argument at our house, we have a boy and a girl. then of course, me and hubby. no doubt the seat was always left up and one of us girls always had to put it down. we decided if we ever had an all girl house it would be glued down (for a joke) in at least one bathroom. so that has been the running joke between me and my daughter, she is married now with a daughter of her own. we'll see how it turns out. her hubby is pretty good about it, mine too, but my son still is bad! and he is married too! poor wifey! our bathroom doors stay open all the time except when we use them. makes the house homey.


  6. We pretty much have same rule about the doors in our house. Except, of course, when one of the boys just barges in when the door is closed. They only did that to me once…guess that was enough to traumatize them!


  7. i usually leave it open cuz ours is back off our bedroom, even if the boys are home. but not my lil diany pooh.. she's a proper english lady and will close the door. she usually leaves it open if it's just me here. but she HATES to poop in public and wont unless she has no choice. i could care less if i have to go, i GO. it's cuz i'm french i guess. lol.we keep all of our doors open…. it's too claustrophobic. the boys have their own bathroom..


  8. Once again I know we are sisters. I have \”rules\” about the bathroom too – leave the door open when you're done. If you are going to do #2 – please use the provided scent spray. Oh, and should I go into detail on how I like the toilet roll put on…ha,ha!


  9. Hmmm…maybe these close the door to hide the lingering of their activities?? 🙂 Or maybe they are just weird! We have the same policy in my family. However, since I live alone (until very recently!), I just leave all doors open all the time. But I like having my bedroom door closed at night so the bogeyman can't get me. He respects closed doors, too. Haha.


  10. I'm afraid at my house I have no privacy and I pee with the door open. Andy doesn't though. I DO close he door when I visit though…and I think I open it when I'm done. Now I'll have to be more conscious of that! 😉


  11. I like open doors. My kids go to bed with their doors closed and I open them after they are asleep. Is THAT weird? Yeah, probably.I am askeered of \”shanking\” now.


  12. Door open when you leave here as well. When the kids were small I left the door open for obvious reasons. I always had the greatest fear I would do the same when we had guests since I was in the habit of leaving it open. Thank goodness I never did.


  13. You are too funny! 🙂 I too keep the doors open. Closed doors make me think someone is in there and I don't want to bother them…if doors are closed on a bathroom I assume it's in use. If a door is closed into a bedroom I assume they are napping/sleeping, changing or doing the dirty…:)


  14. If I leave \”an odor\” I spray and turn on the fan & close the door behind me. Otherwise, I leave the door cracked. Since Hootie likes to walk around in the shower I generally leave the main floor bathroom door closed. My husband came to me beautifully trained to leave the toilet seat down(3 sisters) but I had to train him to put the lid down. He did good until recently since he spends so much time alone. I have to re-train him each time he comes home. In my guest bath I actually have a bar of soap with a note pinned on it on the ledge behind the toilet reading \”Please close toilet lid! Thanks.\” If someone doesn't close it now, they're just being defiant!


  15. NO \”SEAT SITUATIONS!\” That is one of the funniest things that Katie used to tease my father about – he STILL leaves the seat up, and she used to say, \”I can't believe you don't put the seat down! What is your deal?\” etc. Only Katie could do it.Gregg & David are totally considerate in this way. =)


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