My latest craze is going to cause clothing issues. And some trees too.


Last year I discovered that I like avocado. For 42 years I avoided them. Turned up my nose. Like Nancy warned me, I just said NO.

Until…. my Grandma was sick. In the last few weeks of her life, while at home, we could get her to eat very little. What did she want to eat though? Avocado.  Sliced avocado with ranch dressing.

While I was getting her to eat some one day, she told me to have some. I said no. I don’t like it.

She said: eat it, it is good. You will like it.

I said: no thanks.

She looked disappointed.

So, I ate some. And I liked it. I wondered why it took me so long to get on the avocado bus.  Damn me.

So, now I am in love with homemade guacamole. With extra cilantro…oh, cilantro how I love thee…. 


I ate it for dinner last night.

Don’t judge. 

And when ONE avocado costs $2.49, I am thinking I need my own tree; just like Grandma had.

Speaking of trees….

We had an arbor day of sorts a few weeks ago.

I got two mango tree’s from my in laws for my birthday. Soon, I will get my own Food Network show for my amazing mango salsa.


We also got a key lime tree.


I will need the limes to make my guacamole, salsa and they can’t hurt a corona either.  I’m just sayin’


Speaking of Grandma and tree’s it was one year ago that She passed away.

The year has flown. And remember the tree that my FIL gave me in memory of her? No, you don’t cause YOU have a life. But here it is back then:


And now.


(That ominous sky is thanks to ‘Tropical storm Nicole’ who after many warnings of flash floods and wind did not even Drop ONE drop of rain. *cursing the weather man*)

This tabebuia tree will *hopefully* be full of yellow blooms in March. {G’mas birthday month!}

I have been a bit MIA this week…getting some projects done around the house, and I am trying to focus on my exercising more. Thanks to the guacamole, it is an uphill battle.

I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a few blogger friends with health issues right now…this weighs heavily on my mind.

I heart you all. Forizzle.




 The ‘Man in Black’; he could rock a prison song.

johnny cash 

I love to wear black; therefore I rock. Perhaps I’m wrong?

Suz and Coach

Lo and Linds rocked black (& white & pink) for the homecoming dance.

Homecoming 2010

After they departed with their dates, I nearly blacked out, given the chance.

How I adore the black stones on my lil’ bee,


It seems forever ago since we provided a black car for our oldest sweetie.

LoLo 4-11-2010 

I love the Black eyes on this sweet and sassy frog,

1cute frog friend

Don’t tell him, but a facelift is needed for the black muzzle of Ozzie dog,


Black trees so pretty in the evening sky,


A black shadow, declaring ‘Peace’ says I.


I hope all you clever people don’t hold it against a girl, or blacklist a Bee, for her lack of Monday morning creativity.

It’s only Black for heavens sake. So, please give me a break.  


Thank you JEN for hosting Colors on Monday…you had me looking INSIDE the box. {of colors}