A re-visit if you will…Who is on the horse with me???

Do you ever go back and see where you were a year ago???

We sometimes forget …forizzle.

Here I was a year ago, doing good promoting green living. I am still doing good, but I have not been pushing the GOOD. And that may be bad.

I may be the demise of the quicker picker upper.

or possibly I exaggerate just a bit.

Since we stopped using these: 430628way back here HERE

and we only use ONE roll of these a month (seriously) paper_towels

because we only use these:P1020585

We keep them on the kitchen table for all meals, snacks and feasts. (I should cut back on the feasting part)

I sincerely apologize to the paper towel/napkin manufacturers for their decline in sales this year.

Not really. Do you think they can sense my sarcasm???

But guess what? By switching to cloth napkins we can save loads of paper (trees) and think of it as ‘less’ in our landfills.

some facts from my Green Book:

On paper towels:

“A decrease in U.S. Household consumption of just THREE rolls per year would save 120,000 tons of waste and $4.1 million in landfill dumping fees.”

On paper napkins:

“If each person used just ONE fewer napkins per day, it would save about 150 million of them from the trash.”

And the washing/water/soap part? Nuttin’ to it. I throw mine in with loads of clothes as we use them. I am not using more water or making extra loads of wash. You can purchase these babies at goodwill/thrift stores, they don’t need to match. REALLY!

If you do this little act of kindness, don’t be shocked when you are wandering around nature one day and a tree reaches out and hugs YOU. Just watch out for the sappy ones. They like to leave their mark on you.

Now about those darn nasty paper plates….don’t get me started…I’ll share my thoughts on that another day.

“Lots of people, making little changes, can make a big difference.”

Busy Bee Suz

Yes, that is my original quote. 🙂 Don’t hate.

The view from up here is pretty good, pretty good…you know, from my high horse!

29 thoughts on “A re-visit if you will…Who is on the horse with me???

  1. We are recycling – – – carrying containers to the \”center\”. A few months ago, a couple of guys started a company to pick the stuff up at our curbs – – but they couldn't continue it for some reason. I sure hate that. It was so much easier. Plus they took stuff that the recycling center won't take – – like Styrofoam.


  2. Hey cutie, We've been using (mostly) cloth napkins for over 20 years now. It all started when we went to an estate sale and I bid on a box of \”stuff\” because I saw a piece of glass on top that I wanted. Inside were about 30 cotton napkins from the 1960!(Also several stained table cloths.) Being the thrifty person I am, we used these napkins at every meal. There were flowers and polkadots and paisleys…not a single plain one. It was funny, because Jessica's buddies all thought we were very formal always using them. hehe. They finally net their maker some years back, but got me hooked on cotton…I don't like those synthetics as they do not absorb properly. Sorry though buddy, I do use paper towels. BUT when they are just wet with water,I dry them out and re use them to wipe up spills and dog drips on the floor!


  3. I am pretty much on the horse with you. Using cloth napkins is a really good idea. I'll be honest, when I first read this, I thought no way in h*ll with 3 little one's but after thinking about it, it is doable. Thanks for the great idea! 🙂


  4. Anonymous

    Great advice about using cloth napkins. I love the \”flour sack\” dish towels that Target sells. Even though they are bigger than a cloth napkin, they are thin and light-weight and dry quickly. I keep a stack of these handy for daily use. I'm worried now about those \”snappy\” trees getting me!!!


  5. We started doing the same thing several month ago. We use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins and washcloth (brand new, found at the thrift store) to wipe up spills. We still have paper towels at home for those nasty gross spills, but we hardly ever use them. Also we try and buy 'green' products. Every little thing helps…


  6. We also use only cloth napkins. They are so often really cheap. And not once in my life have I had to run an extra load of laundry because of washing hand towels and napkins. Such a small thing, but it feels good.


  7. Now how do we stop the junk mailers from sending all the junk mail!!! and wasting all paper and making me have to go to the recycle bin so it can be recycled, but yet, they probably don't use recycled paper to send the junk mail to me. Oh it's a vicious cycle!


  8. I am going to finish up the paper napkins we have and switch to cloth. Not that you convinced me, but something I have been planning to do. As for paper plates, CVS pharmacy has paper products made from sugar cane. How cool is that? I'm going to start buying them.Have a green day!


  9. Suz,you are my green twin. We use very small amounts of throw away paper at the little house. For several reasons. One is being green and the other is I hate to buy things you throw away. Yes I am just cheap like that! My household recycles EVERYTHING possible! Stay up on that high horse girl. You look good up there!<


  10. Hi Suz, We don't use paper napkins at all either –but I'll admit that we still use paper towels… Guess I need to work on that one!!!! A year ago, I would never have believed that I would have had knee surgery this summer… I had never ever had a problem before…. BUT–I'm fine and life goes on.Hugs,Betsy


  11. I get an \”F\” on this posting; I am sorry. My contribution will be to NOT list the ways in which I am not green, so as not to give bad ideas to your other, greener readers. I do recycle, walk more than drive, and we used cloth diapers (Baby Diaper Service) for our first baby…does any of that count? =) You are setting a very good example, and you are making me think!


  12. Do you use the cloth napkins for doggy spillage too? What about cleaning up messes on the floor and stuff? Organic spills like raw meat juice, milk, etc?Just trying to envision living without those darn paper towels…


  13. I'd like to ride that horse, too. Haven't transitioned to the cloth napkins yet, though. Darn, I really meant to. I'm making a note right now to find a bunch of cloth napkins somewhere.


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