I figured out where my twin sister has been hiding.


How do you know you are getting old?

Is it when you get nervous prior to your health physical.

or is it when you are excited that your cholesterol is 162?


Dang, I don’t even remember buying my ticket for oldville.

I went to sleep yesterday looking like this.

baby suz

I woke up today almost 43. Where is my rocker?

I had my annual physical this week. I was only late by about 5 years. Yes, my Dr. yelled at me for that.

I do get my other parts looked at by my lady Dr. though, so don’t chastise me. 

All is good. Mostly.

My BMI, blood pressure, really all my numbers were great.

Except for my calcium levels. They are on the low side. That kind of shocked me. I live on cheese…and I practically bathe in yogurt. I will up my chocolate milk and double my cheese intake

I might not poop for a month. 

He advised doubling my calcium pill from 600mg 1x daily to 2x a day for two weeks, then check it again.

I was shocked that I did not have some sort of wacky disease like I swore I had. I mean, do you watch discovery health channel? The fact that I am still upright and breathing blows me over.

I did forget to ask Mr. Dr. about this lower back pain I have been having for about 4 weeks. I’ve never had back issues…and this is bothersome.

I am fairly certain that it might just be the skull of my unborn twin pressing on my spin; surely I somehow absorbed her in utero. 

I am absorbent.

What? It can happen. Ok, no more discovery health channel. Promise.

Speaking of me being in such good health, I am actually having an ultrasound on my lower half today…yeah, it’s never ending fun with me.

I swear, if they see my sister in there looking back at me, I.will.DIE. Heck, I might just get my own special on THAT channel though….

Ok, it is a holiday weekend.  Labor day.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if all the people who NEEDED a job and WANTED to labor could get one? Lets all say a collective prayer about that one. OK? 

I know I did a lot of complaining up there. I should not. I am blessed beyond words.

I promise, If my Lady Dr. finds my twin, I will embrace her.   Heck, possibly my BMI will go down even further once she is extracted from my being!!

See. I am being positive.

Hey, where did you all go? I am NOT that wacky to believe this could happen. But it could. You know it could.

Back to you.

What are you doing this weekend?

Party on the Patio?

A get-together in the romper room?

How about you take photos of whatever you do this weekend and then share them on Monday.

That will make me happy.

I might even forget about the small sized sister who is inhabiting my insides.

Bee Fun. Bee healthy. Bee Realistic…this could all happen.  {But only to me.}

34 thoughts on “I figured out where my twin sister has been hiding.

  1. Sue this made my morning. I was cracking up, feeling the same way and cracking up some more (ps – I had a physical this year too – first one since Lauren was born (10 years ago))Good luck with your twin!


  2. whatta darling baby picture you have…i know i have been feeling the getting old thing myself…good luck at the doc's today… hope it isnt a serious matter and that yo' twin comes out willingly.lemme know k?and have a great weekend.. any plans?


  3. Carrying around your twin – now I have heard it all. Still it could happen – to you. So glad you are healthy! I'm praying with you on those Unemployed wanna-be laborers. And psyched on my weekend which started a day early – Can you say JIMMY BUFFETT WEEKEND. Go away Hurricane Earl, We have a party in the Parking Lot and Lawn seats for 20. I already started taking photos – made my girlfriends GIANT margariata glasses bedazzled with leis, flip flop stickers, ribbons, sharks, parasols. Yeah it's going to rock. Even if Earl gets us a little wet!!


  4. At least it has only been 5 years since your last physical… I don't remember the last time I had one, bad I know. 😦 Guess I should try and get one sometime soon, don't want to get yelled at…Our plans this weekend involve paint, shelves and a incredibly chaotic laundry room. Wish me luck, I might not make it…


  5. HA, you're still a baby yourself….That's what my 93 year old Aunt always said. Hey, let us know if she's an identical one…that would be a hoot!Have a great weekend yourself. I'll have two grand kids for a long sleepover 🙂


  6. I think you are still abolutely darling!What are you going to name your twin? Will you dress alike? Think the same thoughts? Actually, that did happen my sister's college roommate. Fine one minute. Bent over in excruciating pain the next. I think the twin bone mass was found in her ovary.Even more seriously, I'll pray for a happy ending to the back pain mystery.


  7. Thank Goodness I read this post.I finally have an explanation for why I'm so …. ummm… fluffy.I have absorbed quadruplet siblings.This was such a good post. I suspect you can hear my sigh of relief all the way down there.Suz, I'm glad to see you're taking care of you. This emptying of the nest time of year is pretty hard.


  8. Glad you went to the DR and that things looked good. Along with that calcium make sure you are getting plenty of D3 and magnesium. They help absorb that calcium. Because the body can only absorb so much calcium at a time, take half in the morning and half in the evening. Soak in a warm bath with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). May help your back and will help calcium absorption. Epsom salt is an awesome mineral.My weekend includes a party because we have a \”baby\” turning three tomorrow. Say it isn't so! Grandma Bea is loaded down with gifts and ready for his party tomorrow. Have a good weekend!


  9. Good health report, Suz… Taking some extra calcium is easy!!! I have to do that also–even though I too eat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and drink milk… Who knows why!!!!! haI hope you can find what is wrong with your back. You are much too young to have aches and pains… No plans much this weekend –other than the fact that we won't be doing much 'laboring'… haHugs,Betsy


  10. It's really frustrating when your doctors start to tell you that \”these are normal changes for your age.\” The same week my dentist mentioned, \”as you age you will notice…\” And the next week the opthalmologist said, \”I can't BELIEVE how perfect your vision is. Most people your age…\” So I spent all that time and money for three professionals to tell me I'm getting older. Could have saved a bundle by looking in the mirror.No big plans…just a gathering with four other couples. They are all neighbors so nobody is a designated driver. Makes for some lively after-dinner conversations. Fortunately, all of them are older than we are!


  11. Funny you should mention the weekend-I got an email invite to cover a big Padres fundraiser–I'm \”media\” donchaknow. The only downer is that my daughter aka the biggest Padres fan evah is now halfway to Chicago and cannot accompany me.Yay you with all the good numbers!


  12. HA. Dawn said what I was going to say. well, the last part anyway. Thanks for sharing your sense of humor with us; and to think..you don't even get paid for this—all a Labor of Love. PS Please don't go into labor this weekend; surely you have seen the 'I didn't even know I was pregnant' shows.


  13. Glad to hear you are so healthy! Time to pile on the salt, haha. Oh wait, that was my plan after I had a healthy blood pressure reading. I am going to visit my grandma out of state. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  14. There is absolutely no way you could have a twin — you're definitely one of a kind! Congratulations on the good doctor's report.We don't have any special plans except to enjoy the promised cooler weather.


  15. 43 – old? I don't think so. I am staring at 60 in 2011. I feel like Rip Van Winkle and someone is lying to me about what year it is.Bea had some good advice. I knew you had to have the Vitamin D for absorbing but did not know about the magnesium – – or about splitting the dosage throughout the day.And your back – – – hope it's something that physical therapy can cure.


  16. You are too funny. 🙂 Your baby picture is so darn cute. Of course it is…look at you now. I hope you find out what is causing your back pain. I hope you and yours have a wonderful happy weekend. XX


  17. OH SUZ! you are sooo funny! but you should take more calcium though! i thought the \”normal\” dosage was 2 a day. hmmmm, well, i have osteoperosis that runs in the family, and i have arthritis up and down the spinal column. so it is a must for me. i don't drink milk at all, but i loooooove all cheezes, and i do eat yogurt, and pudding and other milk products. just not actual milk. i sure hope you don't have a twin growing in there, but gee….what could that be? maybe a touch of arthritis? you know your not old, your only as young as you feel. that picture of you is soooo darn cute! you and my sister post all the cute pictures. now i have to dig out some of mine. lolwe don't have and plans. the hurricane is come and gone. our time is mostly taking care of MIL and FIL is in the nursing home. but we go to see him everyday. so things just seem to revolve around that. it gets kind of old after awhile, but must be done. some days when i don't feel good, MIL go's without me. tomorrow we may have a special dinner, my son is not working so i may cook. every other day everyone is working. either my hubby is, he works at a furniture store, or my son, he works on the military base at a troop store. so if he isn't working tomorrow, i will cook up a storm, and i will take pictures, and post them so we can oogle and drool. k? the rest of you do the same….have a great weekend!


  18. You cracked me up, Suz….almost as if you'd ingested a cup of sugar and one of those caffeine drinks.Upping your calcium can be easy. Chew 3 tums a day. Eat some broccoli. Neither will constipate you. Not all calcium pills are created equal. You would do best with Calcium Citrate and then supplement with Vit D.So endeth today's sermon.


  19. This weekend I am happily entertaining my college daughter and her boyfriend.And I do know that feeling of waking up old. And always having a little something out of whack on the blood work.


  20. \”I swear, if they see my sister in there looking back at me, I.will.DIE. \”This cracked me up.Your cholesterol is 162? Yeah, I would be totally having a party right now. I just had mine checked…206…and that is AFTER drinking a bottle of red wine per day for 10 years. Sheesh.


  21. Oh sweetie! LOL You always make me giggle:)I'm supposed to be enjoying the beach and then the drive in with the fam right now but there is a wicked storm in our ncek of the woods so I'm sneaking in some time on the net:)Cheers!


  22. Your posts make me SMILE. I hope they find out what's causing that pain and that it's easy to fix (i.e., extracting that unborn twin). ;-)I'm almost 43 too. And you know what? I didn't buy a ticket to Oldville, either!!! What the heck?!


  23. I hate going to the doctor. But frankly, I never worried about the X-rays showing I was carrying a Mini-Me twin within! Hope you check out okay. Maybe the doc can give you a magic pill to make you younger again. If it works, I want a bottle of them!


  24. Anonymous

    don't know if you drink soda, but drinking soda can leach the calcium right outta your bones. so you want to be careful.hope you're having a great weekend little lady!


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