My Blue Haiku.

I was eating Blue chips under blue skies.

I blinked

Blue veins attacked my legs.

Blue hair, here I come. 

Blue, you are not my friend anymore.


Just kidding. I still like you blue.




My fave blue {jean} shorts.


Showing NOT my favorite side.


You can’t beat the blue skies of Florida.


My favorite blue eyes to gaze into {They get the blue from my baby-Daddy}


…Linds told me that having blue eyes is actually a genetic mutation.

Not sure if that blue fact is true, but if so, these are the cutest mutants ever.


I cracked myself up with the ‘baby daddy’ reference. The next time I have the family in Wally World, I will cause a scene and shout out, “wherrrrre is my Baby Daddy?”

I might end up seeing blue lights.

Happy Monday my blue Peeps.

32 thoughts on “*Blue*

  1. Blue is my favorite color! Probably because all my kids have blue eyes. I heard that red hair and green eyes are genetic mutations. Blue and Brown are normal in genetics. This is way to scientific for a Monday morning 😉


  2. 🙂 I just call my baby daddy bd.. because its classier that way.In face BD is \”BD\” in my phone too! ha! I should probably change that before Aidyn starts calling him that! lol!~


  3. How can you be blue with that little butt?That just seems like an impossibility to me.I thought everyone with perfect butts and figures were perfectly \”in-the-pink\” all the time.And now, armed with that knowledge, I think I will go eat a pancake!You're so funny.


  4. LOVED this post!Girl, you so funneeee.My eyes are blue.My mom's are green, my dad's are brown, my brother's are green.Maybe I AM the mutant they say I am. They also claim they found me under a rock./sigh


  5. look out robert frost, here comes suz to wreck poetry forever!oh, sorry. kidding. kind of.love you! and your blue. i fell in love with blue all over again in holland. that blue delft was just beautiful!


  6. Great BLUE post, Suz…. And your blue mutants are gorgeous!!!!! I love the color blue –except when thinking about certain veggies and fruits… Close your eyes and imagine blue peas, blue beets, blue bananas, blue corn, etc…. YUK!!!!!! Have a fabulous Labor Day.Hugs,Betsy


  7. Glad I saved your blue post for last, cuz I like to laugh right before I go off to sleep! (We're in Boston this week cuz Pat has school here…I'm loving the wi-fi at the hotel!!) Have a good rest of the week. Blessings on your head, x-C.


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