I LOVE Labor Day.



Isn’t team work so much better than solo work? 

P1050285 P1050283 P1050284

I was easily able to convince my family to help with the window washing on labor day.  I got them started, then retreated to the grocery store. {Labor laws require me to feed them 3 squares}

They worked well as a team.  {Laborer, Laborer, & Quality control.}

They conquered all {22} of the windows/glass doors facing the pool area.

That cuts down my work. Tremendously.

Can’t we have labor day quarterly?

Whoever said living in a glass house was low maintenance?

Oh, no one EVER said that?

Makes sense, unless you spew glass cleaner out of your nose.   Which I think would burn tremendously.

25 thoughts on “I LOVE Labor Day.

  1. i was going to say that i thought it looked like coach was supervising! those girls are great. even if you do have to feed them on occasion. i wish you woulda called me… i woulda met you at the grocery store!


  2. Well—it looks like your family really 'labored' on Labor Day… I thought that was against the law!!!! haGreat work though…. And YES—glass does take work–unless you are like me and just let them stay dirty!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  3. I love this! I'm always telling my kids (when they are doing their chores) \”Why do you think Daddy and I HAD you in the first place?!\” Of course, they give me smarmy looks, and are old enough to know I'm being a total smart aleck… :)PS: Them windows sure do look sparkly clean!


  4. Wow – – that's a BUNCH of work. Praise God for everyone helping. That is a wonderful family you have! I guess you could have said you were their personal trainer for the day – – – – and you had some new exercise to work different muscle groups!


  5. Oh yeah…you're such a meanie to make them wash some glass. (not) : )And yes, I totally laughed out loud at the thing about glass cleaner out the nose. It wouldn't be pretty.


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