*43* Is the oldest I have ever been.


The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything; the young know everything.

Oscar Wilde 

I no longer know everything, and I am starting to suspect everything.  Especially readers who never comment.


Another birthday.

It’s not all balloons and rainbows. Or maybe it is.

toddler suz_edited

I realize 43 is not really old. Unless you are 20.

Peeps who are older than 43 will say: 

Oh, you’re still a baby, stop whining.

It’s my party, let me wine whine.

My plan for today. A yummy and indulgent Lunch with a girlfriend {fish tacos!}  and we usually share a banana split too.  Bananas are healthy. 

Linds has dance line tonight at the football game, so no fancy- dancy dinner. Hot dog du jour.

Maybe we will jet off to Las Vegas in the morning. Or just sleep. I am worried about my love of sleep lately…we are really getting along.   Just writing about it makes me want to nap.

I need to find a legal way to get more pep in my step. More pizazz in my azz. More zip in my zap.

I loathe tiredness. My Unborn twin has not been extracted, so perhaps she is sucking up all my energy? Yeah, lets go with that. It is HER fault.

So who is going to party this weekend FOR me????

Remember I like good food, good wine and pretties. All sorts of pretties. The shinier the better. 🙂

Happy weekend!

Bee happy. (I really am)

Bee peppy. (I wish I was)

Bee sweet. (I have that all wrapped up!)  

48 thoughts on “*43* Is the oldest I have ever been.

  1. Happy Birthday sweet lady! Fish taco's with a friend sounds great. And a high school football game and seeing your daughter perfrom later sounds good to me. I hope whatever else comes into your day is as wonderful as you are Suz. Today I celebrate you…I will have an adult beverage in your honor later today! 🙂 XXXX


  2. oh suz…I will be right there with you in a few years…my kids already think I am from the \”olden days\” are they kidding…argh. Sorry about your twin, I know that must be excruciating especially when the down in the dumps are visiting (quoting JM)So it is with a general Glee and a bottle of whine I toast your birthday…and wait (without holding my breath) for my post like this…


  3. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to suuuzieeee… happy birthday to youand many more!! there i sang you a song, it is a good thing you couldn't hear me cause i can't carry a tune, in fact my screen just cracked!!


  4. Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you… Wishing you the very best on your birthday and for the next year. May all your dreams come true! And no, 43 is not old, I'll be 41 in one week so I think we're both still spring chickens. Even though we might be a bit tired sometimes…


  5. Hi Suz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY… And from an ole foggie, YES–you are just a young thang!!!!! haI'd love to see the faces of new people to your blog today –getting ready to tell you how sorry they are that your lost your twin!!!!! ha ha haHave a wonderful day—and IF you can't celebrate today, be sure and do it tomorrow and the next day, and the next… The older we get, the more days of celebration we can have. it's a LAW.Happy Birpday, my little YOUNG friend.Hugs,Betsy


  6. and why am i sitting here crying? why? i guess because i love ya… and i love you being happy and sweet and talking about eating hot dogs from the concession stand (eric will be so happy!) so we gotta plan for next friday okay? and we'll celebrate 43+one week. see you at the game!


  7. I suspect that you're aging better than that twin. Now I'm going to clean my kitchen in your honor. I've been waiting all morning or week to do it but had no motivation. See? Your birthday is producing good things already.


  8. :))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! :)))Call me crazy, but I LOVE hotdogs at games! its one of my favorite things in the whole world!If I didn't have to drop Aidyn off at his dads, I'd be heading to my old stomping grounds to watch the game tonight. Hope you get some pretties, and your family loves you all up! Enjoy your day!


  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUZ!!!!!! (Can you hear how loud that is?) Sometimes, our hearing gets a little dimmer with age (but after listening to some REALLY old people, I can see why it may be best NOT to get a hearing aid – no need to listen to everything that's being said!). ANYWHOO, it's your day, and I wish you all of the energy that you feel is lacking, a super-duper lunch and banana split (that might make you want to take a nap), and FUN tonight at the game.Seriously, I hope your doctor can give you some insight and help with your tiredness. Is your thyroid being checked? xoxoxo


  10. happy birthday honey!!! you are still young… the body may age and fall apart but its the soul that keeps us young. at least thats my philosophy…i hope you are celebrated for the cuteness that you are… all weekend. whatta cute girl you were… doesnt it almost seem like another lifetime away to look back on those early years? mine do. but i am and always be older than you… love and hugs,chrisps get that twin plucked out ASAP so you can get your energy back…i still want your doggies.


  11. Happy Birthday beautiful Suz! You don't look a day over 29…and actually I'm not even just saying that.You are such a neat lady…funny, kind, compassionate, beautiful! I hope your day is perfect.


  12. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Suzanne! Sounds like it will be a good day and evening with friends and family. Love the picture of baby Suz too!Harriet and I will eat green beans in your honor. I can tell you that in ten years when you are my age, Boy Scouts will be helping you to the car with your groceries!!!


  13. Happy Birthday!!!Is there really any other way to really celebrate a birthday then a high school football game with your daughter performing on the field? Well, maybe, but I'll go with NO! Enjoy it! And I will be at our high school football game, although, mine is no longer performing, but I feel it is appropriate to celebrate your birthday with you. And maybe there will be a toast or two after the game!!Have a wonderful weekend Suz!


  14. Happy Birthday Suzie Q!!! Yup, you're still a baby compared to some of us.Seems like only yesterday…Never thought I'd feel/be so old. Patrick & I are living it up in Boston, so I'll have a few (more) twin lobsters for you and perhaps a BahamaMama too(he's driving!)!! Again, best wishes for a wonderful 43rd. God bless you mucho.x-c


  15. I celebrated for you today. I went for a lovely day out and shopped, had a very delicious lunch followed by a sinful dessert. I LOVED celebrating your birthday.You may enjoy the rest of it for yourself. You're welcome. :-))


  16. i do want to get wordy with you! lol have a wonderful day, a great birthday, you are celebrating it with loved ones, the way i would best want to do it! and don't worry, sleeping in tomorrow guilt free should be a present your honey should let you have. tonight is your special night, go on, have a doggy all dressed up, watch the game, have a lunch with a friend and nanna split. splurge! it will make you feel so good! i will be 50 this december, so 43 is not old at all. i will trade you, k? celebrate your lil heart out, you deserve it. have a great day and weekend. happy birthday honey!


  17. Happy Birthday beautiful! I've got a villa rented at the Bellagio in Vegas… bring some peeps and we'll have a FAB time (we'll do a GIRLS remake of The Hangover… but we won't get hungover… we'll just have LOTSA fun!)Happy bday!!


  18. The forties are still a great decade. You aren't supposed to start feeling run down until after 50. I get to see what 60 will bring next year. The other decades haven't bothered me but I am not crazy about this one. . . . . . am praying the source of your tiredness is discovered so you can hopefully correct it soon. Try journaling your food and drink intake as well as your hours of sleep and see if there is a pattern – – – or culprit.


  19. Perhaps everyone else is so tired they find commenting to exhausting! Hope those fish tacos went down well- not something I have ever had, and not something you will find ( easily if at all) on a UK menu. Yum.Hope you had a great birthday Suz and thanks for your visit to mine. Love Jo ( 45 yrs) XX


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