When I was a little girl I wanted to paint my room purple and adorn it with pink polka dots.

Did I get that? hells no.

Am I spiteful? No.

When the time comes for Mom to hit the nursing home circuit, she will get a sweet room painted purple with pink polka dots

And she will LIKE it.


I heart grapes. Literally.


Isn’t that the cutest?

I don’t wear a lot of purple. Yet. Although one day when I join the red hat/purple outfit club, watch out people.

My girls wear purple now… 


 Photography 101: Don’t have your subjects face the sun. 🙂 


My newest favorite veggie that I am cooking the heck out of:


I have grilled it, sautéed it, baked it and broiled it. I have yet to ‘parmesan’ it. Soon though. Purple tastes purpleiscous.


Ok, raise your hand if you remember this silly song:

Now raise your hand if that song will be stuck in your head ALL day. You’re welcome.

Thanks again or all my birthday wishes…I had the most comments ever on my b-day post…that is quite a consolation for getting older. 🙂

You are all so sweet and kind. Purple Balloons and multicolored unicorns for everyone!

35 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Our youngest LOVES, LOVES, LOVES purple! Her room will be painted soon and she picked this (really dark) purple for one of the walls. At least she wants the other three a lighter (lime) green and I guess we'll just paint it the color she wants. They're only young once and I can always paint over it…


  2. can i put my hand down yet? huh? can i?your purple grape made me swoon. i love heart shaped things! i hope you save it forever and ever. ooo… ripleys believe it or not here she comes!


  3. I love eggplant too. I was hoping we could grow some in our garden this year but since my husband is in charge of it I didn't get any this year. 🙂 You girls are so beautiful. My hand was raised to knowing the song and raised to now having it stuck in my head thank you very much.Hope you and yours have a marvelous Monday! 🙂


  4. Cute purples, all of them, Suz…. I am disappointed though… I thought that you, of all people, would feature a big GRAPE SLURPY today!!!!!! Geesssshhhh… Am I disappointed???? ha ha ha haI hope when I'm in the nursing home that I'll get a purple room with pink polka dots…Didn't play that song this morning because I DON'T want to be singing it all day long… haHugs,Betsy


  5. purple is my favorite color! but only certain shades of it. our living room furniture is plummy-purple colored.. love it! if you wanna wear purple now i say go right ahead and make yourself happy. its now or never, hon.hugs.


  6. I am not a fan of purple. While in high school in the 70's, I wore a purple polyester six gore skirt and top all the time…I think that is why I don't like purple.I love grapes…in the liquid form.I am just now starting to get into eggplant. Why has it taken me so long? It is divine. We had eggplant parm last week and it was to die for… If I can find tahini in this backwater town, I want to make Baba Ghanoush. Here's a link to the recipe:http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/10/baba-ghanoush/Happy Monday!


  7. Anonymous

    Very cute post today Suzanne! Lo and Linds are pretty in purple. Sorry you missed out on the purple room – it's still not too late! Happy Purple Monday!


  8. I definitely remember that song, and, yes, it will probably be in my head all day.But in spite of that I think you have a wonderful 'Purple' post. Is your eggplant coming from your garden?


  9. purple has been my favorite color for years and years, and my mother always put me in PINK dresses. i swear i looked like someone poured pepto bismol all over me and stuck ugly little white flowers on me. i hated those dresses.and today my little ones love wearing them!! oh well the apple sometimes does fall far from the tree!! you know!


  10. great purple post. And happy belated birthday!Love that purple grape!I painted my daughter's room purple when she was in middle school. Per her instructions, I put gold stars and moons all over, too. I think I'll let her know what a good mom she has 😉


  11. Have you seen the Purple People Eater movie? Neil Patrick Harris stars! It is a fantastic movie! That song was stuck in my head all day! Try eggplant parmesan style soon! That is my favorite style!


  12. i am more a lavender girl, which is still purple, right? just a lighter shade. and i looooove anything grape. those pics are soooo cute of you and the girls, and your daughter is gorgeous! like her mommy! i love eggplant too, and make parmesan with it occasionally. love it that way. have never tried growing it though. my daughters bedroom was purple when she was a teenager. it was and is her fave color. its pretty cheerful. i love greens. all shades. have a wonderful monday and rest of the week! (tell me how to get rid of the word verif. and i will do it just for you, i hate it too!)


  13. The purple n'p-dots sounds like so much fun! Why should it be just for kids, anyways :-DEggplant and I don't get along, it's a sad story. No joojoo. Too bad cuz it's so pretty and healthy and versatile, too!Very happy you had a good birthday – any cake leftovers??


  14. I am totally in a lavendar phase right now. Can't get enough of the color or smell. Heven is holding Maggie after her bath with lavendar soap in her lavendar pj's! P.S. Happy Belated Birthday! I didn't want to be like everyone else who wished you Happy Birthday on your actual bday. I wanted to stretch the celebration a little longer 😉


  15. The Chinese LOVE eggplant, they eat a lot of it. I hate it, ugh. I'm weird, I just don't like purple or blue foods. I wanted red carpet when I was growing up and my mom always said no. She said she didn't want me getting all riled up. I think it's pretty funny now, as red carpet is just a fashion don't! Let alone the getting riled up.


  16. Purple is one of my favorite colors. You look good in eggplant : )Laughing my head off about you painting your mom's room that color. : ( I don't like to think about our parents getting older. Stop it right this second.


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