Oh my GREEN *and purple* goodness!


Don’t you just love it when you find a surprise? ME TOO.


After I shared my love for all things EGGPLANT on Purple Monday, I wondered just WHEN WAS MY EGGPLANT-PLANT GOING TO GIVE ME SOME EGGPLANTS?

Yes, I shouted this in the yard…and yes, my neighbors think I am mucho loco. And by ‘neighbors’ I mean the dogs who were following me around.

Well, lo and behold, I found some purple goodness growing!IMG_4031

And of course, I also found a bajillion weeds in the garden. Oy vay.

And now, file this under the MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER Category!

Seriously,  I am sure you will all be so excited to read this news flash that you will go out today and adopt 4 children from third world countries, donate an organ and recycle every scrap of paper for the rest of your life.

Remember when I was complaining about my honeybell orange tree never producing any oranges?  (after 8+ years!)  Apparently, our tree reads my blog and got off it’s lazy butt and made an effort!  Forizzle.

IMG_4039When I saw this I gasped SO loud that the neighbors all stopped what they were doing and ran to me to see if I was ok.

And by neighbors, I mean the dogs who were following me around the yard.   Mr and Mrs. Lazy McLaz-a-lots.


So, did you start your adoption applications yet?

32 thoughts on “Oh my GREEN *and purple* goodness!

  1. Something is wrong!! I can't see your blog text, all I can see is a 'thing' from photobucket, saying 'you've exceeded your bandwith' or something like that, and the photos. 😦 Maybe it's just my computer? I had to click on the comments so I could read the text.


  2. I'm glad things are coming up roses …err, eggplant and oranges… Maybe those boxers of your have become pollinators?I had a heck of a time reading through the photobucket background…


  3. you are so cute… i love that you love everything around your home. yeah, and i think the goggies have a thing with some bees goin on… there is something sneaky about those goggies…. i can see it in ozzies eyes.


  4. I'm so excited for you – how are you ever going to bring yourself to eat those beautiful green and purple babies? Please share some eggplant recipes – I LOVE it, but haven't succeeded in converting Gregg yet.I met a 3-year old boxer girl yesterday. She made me think of you & your boxers – sweet, energetic, affectionate and happy.


  5. Oh, that's MUCH better!! I can see it now. :)That orange looks adorable. What a pwetty widdle baby!My dad's been harvesting lots of eggplant this year, but since I HATE eggplant, I could care less. I'm glad you like 'em. Don't save any for me, though. 😉


  6. YaY for Oranges and Eggplant. Although I am not a fan of eggplant, but since you are I will be excited for you 🙂 And I just love your boxers…. as far as my adoption apps, well…. 3 dogs is quite enough 🙂


  7. Oh My Gosh—- have you had any morning sickness??? Are you taking your pre-natal vitamins????? Have you had any heartburn yet????? And it looks like it's going to be triplets…. Two purple ones and an orange one… How wonderful!!!!!I'm happy for you —and will be sure to come to the baby shower… Just let me know when.Hugs,Betsy


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