Would you like to be *None Years* Old again?




Mother Nature can be  such a show off…can’t she?

Behold: a random front door sunset this week. IMG_3966

She must have the biggest box of crayons ever. 

My beautiful bouquet of roses from the Coach for my bday.  IMG_3975

Pale apricot and pale green. Pure prettiness.

Red roses= cliché’

Pale roses=special. (although I still love white tulips and they should be plentiful at my going away celebration along with wine and not the cheap stuff either!)


This weekend we are attending the first birthday party for our little sweet friend.


Before he turned ONE, do you know how old he was?

He was ‘NONE years’ old.

This is a direct quote from Lindsay many years ago about babies under one.


I love how little kids brains work.

Today would have been my Big Brother’s 47th. *sigh*

Suz and mark

When, if ever do we not remember these days?

Never??  we miss you Mark.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Are you going to be a party animal, or just an animal?

Bee colorful.

Bee appreciative of your family.

Bee a party animal.


27 thoughts on “Would you like to be *None Years* Old again?

  1. The loss of a sibling must be especially painful. I'm sorry that you know that pain.I think I want pizza at my going away celebration. It needs to be the greasy, disgusting stuff from my favorite place in Kentucky. Oh, the power of the things we loved growing up!


  2. Such beauty. And your words make me smile…yes I love the minds of children…\”None years old\” …so clever…am sorry about your brother..no I don't think we ever stop missing them or stop remembering these certain days..hugs to you my dear lady…hope your weekend is good too…maybe I will be a party animal since we are going off to visit good friends(something we rarely do)that don't mind the little's and their shenanagans. 🙂 XXXX


  3. none years… she never ceases to make me smile! even last night when she was all sweaty & danced out! yep. she still made me smile! your coach is the best… i love that he bringgggggggggs (sorry, my G was stuck & i had to get it unstuck!)you pale roses. love to you as you have bittersweet birthday thoughts… i love how you remember though… i really do.


  4. None years old. What a perfect age to be.I am sorry for your loss. I don't think you will ever forget special days like that for him. I wish you still had him. Your flowers are gorgeous. That coach is something else!Bee Happy!Bee funny!Bee super nice to the girls and don't make them do any chores this weekend! : ) Love, BeeeeeckyWho is none years old plus 33. Darn it.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Suz, May God bless you and your Mom today and fill your hearts with sweet memories of Mark.What unique and gorgeous roses from the Coach. I believe green is your fav color! (it's Harriet's too!)What a magnificent sunset too. Looks like a birthday package all wrapped in ribbons!Wishing you all a good weekend. Love and hugs to you all and the pups and kitties.


  6. \”none years old\” is cute, and perfectly sensible. I love that sunset and the beautiful roses. I'm so sorry about your brother. That must be a loss that you feel every day.


  7. I love the view and the roses. So pretty. I kind of like pink ones and yellow ones. I got 25 pink ones for my 25th birthday. And not long after that, I got a ring for my left finger. : ) I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. I wonder about my girl..being a sibling and what she thinks and feels and doesn't even yet know how to express. Like you said…sigh…!


  8. I am sorry about your brother, but I do like how you keep him alive in your heart!What a beautiful sunset and bouquet of flowers, love mother nature.It is amazing, I think this is the first weekend we have no party to host or attend…whew…relax! My husband is working all weekend, so I think I will take the girls to breakfast and go to a few yard sales (it has been AGES since we have been to one and Aiyana keeps asking if we can, my little shopper!)


  9. I think Coach did a great job on your birthday. Every once in a while we guys can come up with something special.I like Lindsay's description for someone under one year old.I hope you have a great weekend.


  10. Hi Suz, Hope you have fun at tonight's birthday party.. I love watching a ONE year old at their big party… Your roses are gorgeous… Your guy is such a keeper!!!!!Both of my brothers are gone… One died in 1985 and the other last year… I still miss them both.Have a wonderful weekend, my Friend.Hugs,Betsy


  11. I love it when you show pictures of you and your brother when you two were little. I know it must be sad for you and your mom. Your mom took so much time to make sure you two were always dressed nice. I noticed that before, as a mom we all know how much effort it takes. I hope you have a good weekend.Suz


  12. i'm so sorry about your brother. i too am sad that you know that pain, suz… i believe you w ill be with him again one day.beautiful roses for a beautiful person… and that sunset is amazing.that baby is sooooo beautiful… mama would have to pry him outta me arms fo shizzle…i hope his lil face and chubby cheeks brings you some comfort today…oh he and i would be besties.. i love me some babes…


  13. Love the Sunset – perhaps Mark sending you his Love? So sorry for your loss – I truly can't imagine losing my best Bruddy (brother + buddy = bruddy). Happy Bday fellow Virgo! The Captain sent me a Birthday Cake of Flowers – totally awesome but makes me hungry (nope not edible but damn it does look like cake!)


  14. BabyFavorite/Susan

    I'm sorry about your brother, Suz. I love the \”none\” years thing! Too cute! Something else I notice that kids do in regard to age: They'll say, \”I'm almost ______\” (10, 16, whatever), even if it's 10 months away. Do we do that? Hell no! I never say, \”I'm ALMOST 43!\” Beautiful bday flowers! Coach is a Keeper!


  15. Happy Birthday to Mark…. I know he is (and always will be) deeply loved and deeply missed.The roses your sweet hubby gave you are Bee You Tee Full… such a sweetheart, that man. You've clearly trained him WELL. 🙂


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