An excellent example of brown would be our sweet brown dogs.

(the technical color description for a brown boxer is ‘fawn’)


And this is an excellent example of a ‘brown NOSE.’


Hmmmmm. Do you smell something funny?

 I hope your Monday doesn’t stink!

36 thoughts on “Brown

  1. All I can think about when I read that is \”what can brown do for you?\” and in these pictures..not very much. (except for love and laughs, of course!)Very cute! : )


  2. I love that they sleep together! We have a black lab, her brother is a brown lab adopted by the in-laws. Whenever we get together…they do the same thing. Curl up together like two babies and go right to sleep! Oh yes, and my fave brown thing….chocolate of course.


  3. I love the photo (in your previous posting) of you and your brother. I am so sorry for your loss, and I celebrate the gift of his presence in your life, for as long as you had him. No, we never stop remembering and missing those precious ones.On a lighter note, I also loved your brown-nose comment on the photos. I don't even want to know what it is about dogs that makes them so fascinated with the stinkier things of life. Just don't want to think about it! But your photos and comments are hilarious. Thank you for that!


  4. You are a stitch Suzgirl!! Your pooches are a beautiful fawn & so healthy looking. It's strange how they seem to NEED to stick their nose in the butt of their pack mate.I guess they're reassuring themselves that it's not an imposter. Hootie is always checking to make sure Baby RocketDog is who she claims to be! hehe. Happy BrownDay.


  5. those pups are looking pretty relxed! and of course, the perfect selection for brown week! i hope your monday was great. mine? i coulda passed on it… oh well, i hear monday will be back 🙂


  6. FUNNY! And you would think that a dog couldn't stand to be that close because they have such sensitive noses – – – – but then again, look where they stick those noses – – – on everybody!Our Monday did stink for a couple of hours since our work is downwind from a paper mill that is over FIVE miles away!!!! But other than that, the day was sweet! – – – and life was too busy this past week to comment on everyone's blog this past week but I, too, am sorry for the loss of your brother. Since I am new to your life, I don't think I knew this had happened until your last post.


  7. Your dogs are so cute! My Mother in law has two boxers and my mom has 1 boxer! They are really rotten as puppies but they grow up to be sweet dogs! Also they have bad gas so I was surprised to see one sleeping with his nose so close to the other's behind!


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