Sharing is Caring…


…OVER sharing is boring.

My goal here is never to over share.


I have a procedure scheduled for tomorrow: outpatient surgery. I will (hopefully) be back home in my bed by 11am.

My innards need some refurbishing. I sure wish I came with an extended warranty.

The thing I’ve noticed about general anesthesia, it makes you really sleepy.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you got to choose a ‘fun’ procedure too, you know while you are under? A lil’ nip and tuck of sorts?? There should be a law I tell ya!

In preparation for my down time, I’ve cleaned my room from top (fan, lights, a/c vent) to bottom (floors and under the bed).

Acchhooooo!!! lots of dust in there!

We have groceries and the laundry is semi-caught up. The dogs are bathed and I even cleaned their bedding.

Just wondering what my last supper should be….hmmmmmm.

I have some things I wanted to post this week…but time is flying.

If I don’t make it home, I will have the Coach post about the fab party we went to last weekend, the BIG GREEN MoNStEr we found in the garden, our new fruit trees and my thoughtful birthday gifts. Very important stuff.

BTW: I was outside the other night, you know, just reflecting…and I saw this reflection. 🙂


ps. I am thinking of boycotting all blogs that use word verification. Who is with me?     annoying.

Comment moderation is the way to go…no spam ‘mam.

34 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring…

  1. First… don't like the term \”last supper\”… 😛 I am sure it's NOT really your last one. Second… I hope things go smoothly!!! Innards are annoying things aren't they?! Always wanting money or attention.Third… Does MY blog require word verification?! If so, I will remove it. I'd hate to be banned by the infamous Suz… =)GL, chica! Get lots of rest!


  2. oh you… thinking the worst. and planning for it! i will be the glass-all-full girl, k? love you! and if you need anything, text me!! love you! ps… word verification is ok, it is the secret-pop-up-after-you-hit publish-word-verification that ticks me off!


  3. My prayers are with you during your 'procedure', Suzanne…I'm sure everything will work out GREAT and that you will be home in your own bed soon…Just let that little family take care of you for awhile –instead of you taking care of them!!!!!I'm with you on the word verification… NOW that we have the spam thing (which works well by the way), we just don't need all of that crap…. What gets me is those people who make us do the word verification and THEN still have to 'approve' our comment.. Huh????? Get some rest!!!!Love and HUGS and Prayers,Betsy


  4. Suz, you will be home in your little bed tomorrow before you know it. I've never heard you be so negative, Ms. Suzy!!I will be saying prayers for you tomorrow.As far as the word verification, I didn't have it for years, and always HATED it on other people's blogs. But, then I started getting those annoying spam comments, so I had no choice. I'm sorry. I'm going to think about taking it off, and seeing if I get anymore spam, just for you, my friend!


  5. awww honey, your procedure will fly by… and you will be in your own bed again where its comfy. i wish i lived near you, i would make you comfort foods to help you get well…i send prayers and good juju your way! come back here whenst you can, we'll all be awaitin…what a lervly photo of your pool…love you suz..hugs.


  6. Thank you for telling us so we can pray and send lots of GOOD JUJU to you. If I lived closer, I'd bring you something yummy to wake up to -chocolate zucchini bread? – but by the time I get to your house from here, it wouldn't be fresh. DANG! Why do you have to live way over there on THAT coast? =)Sending love and prayers for an \”easy-peasy\” day tomorrow. God bless you! xoxoxo


  7. You are so sweet and funny…I pray that all goes well and that you come home to be waited on and given your most favorite things.When I read the title of your post I laughed…something repeated time and again at our house is \”sharing is caring\”..:)How nice you got all these things done so that when your laying around being waited on you will be nice and relaxed and not thinking about cleaning. 🙂 XX


  8. Sweet Suz. Sending a hug and a prayer your way that everything will go just as the doctor ordered.Thank you for letting us know.Oversharing is not boring. It's what friends do.


  9. Anonymous

    Praying all goes well and that you'll be back tucked into your own bed by lunchtime. Sending love and hugs and thanks for sharing that pretty reflection photo.


  10. I built my nest in 2004, too, when I had knee surgery. Remember that the third day is the most difficult – – – so if Friday is not great, it all gets better after that. Just REST, REST, REST – – – and when you begin to feel better, don't be like the rest of us and overdo.Now that I've sounded like your mother – – – or a caring blogger friend – – – I want to know what you had for your last meal – – before surgery?!!And for what it's worth, I gave my husband my \”last instructions\” before I checked into the hospital. Then I slept all the way home – – – and the next 24 hours! It was wonderful.


  11. I totes abhor the word verification thingie, grrr – so glad you don't have it!Just delete my spammy comments as you please 😀 lol!Sounds like you covered all your bases for tomorrow… it will go well, and then you can be the recovering patient at home and get served dinner in bed! yey!stupid aging bodies. why can't we just get new parts when ours wear down?(*hugs*)


  12. Thinking about you this morning. Hope all is going perfectly. A little refurbishing on the inside doesn't sound like much fun but does sound like it may be necessary. You are super prepared for your recovery time and that photo is priceless…On the word Verification…CAN\”T STAND THEM


  13. i am thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better far as word verification i turned it off once and got bombarded with spam people, anonymous bloggers trying to get me to see the light and buy their personal jesus. it was awful.


  14. Hope your procedure is over in a flash and you're resting comfortabley before you know it. Wish I could bring over a roast, some potatoes and carrots and a cake or something. : ) Hugs!


  15. Take care of you hon:)Oh and I am with you…word verification makes me bonkers….I am sure many of my comments are lost out there in blog land b/c I comment and exit. I don't even see it!


  16. haha!! i just recently got rid of the verification words. i got so annoyed typeing em in on other peoples blog, so i figured i'd be nice and get rid of mine!You seem like the most efficient woman!!Your daughters better bring you all your meals in bed & magazines & snacks too :)p.s that picture is dreamy hehe


  17. Since vie already read your next post, I know your procedure went well. I just hope you're letting your family spoil you for the next few days. I'm completely with you on word verification.


  18. OK, I am CLEARLY a bad friend… I haven't been reading blogs this week because I have been so SLAMMED at work… I didn't even KNOW about this surgery. Obviously it went well, since there were blog entries after this one. :)Consider yourself HUGGED sweet friend.And just for YOU, I'm going to disable the word verification on my blog from here on out.LOVE YOU!


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