Survival and Sweet gifts.


I survived my innards surgery. Thank you all for the well wishes, hugs and prayers. Sadly, not one of you offered to be my body double for the surgery. Pffft.

My family did take good care of me, they always do.  I am a lucky ducky.


My last supper was: Mini turkey sliders, roasted eggplant (from my garden) and roasted ‘spare-grass. (asparagus for you proper folks)


Speaking of my Eggplant…

My sweet friend Dawn who is always so thoughtful got me this for my birthday:


Are you impressed?

How about now: It opens up to a reusable shopping bag to fit in my purse.


So cute right? The eggplant becomes the handle!!! I lurve it.

How great is it to have a friend who is just as excited to give you something sweet as you are to get it??? Great I say!

And keeping with our veggie theme, look at these sweet as heck measuring cups she found.

I love them, and they will have a prominent spot on my counter.


That is basmati rice and not sugar. Pinky promise.

Do you have a sweet ‘Dawn-like’ friend in your life? I sure hope so.

Okie dokie. I have more to say, but like my legs & attention span, I will keep this short.

Have a great weekend everyone. Go out there and grow something. Or support someone who grows stuff. Just the legal stuff. ok?

Bee thoughtful.

Bee a grower.

Bee a thoughtful friend who can make hearts grow.


29 thoughts on “Survival and Sweet gifts.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Suzanne, Glad to see you post again. I sure hope you continue to feel better – thanks to your wonderful girls and hubby for taking good care of you. Love the eggplant shopping bag from Dawn. That gift just has your name all over it! Good for the environment! Take care and know lots of us are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. SO glad to know it went well and that it's OVER!Love your measuring cups. I want some like them, but it's not my birthday. Will Dawn tell us where she got them?I also love that she got you a GREEN, reusable shopping bag. That is 2x as green.xoxoxo to you!


  3. So glad you're already up and about, BB – and with a smile, as always! Our superwoman :-)Those measuring cups are just the BEST, oh I love them! And your… as prince would say… purple banana… is a wonderful thing indeed 😀


  4. Yay! I'm glad your innards survived. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.I TOTALLY love that eggplant/shopping bag!! I would definitely carry that in my purse! The measuring cups are super cute, too. Isn't it great to have a Dawn in your life? I have a couple (who lavish lots of penguins on me all the time!) and they rock!


  5. That Dawn is out of this world fantastic. How do you get a great friend like that : ) I have a few that are so perfect I have to pinch them to be certain they are real. I pinched them so often they hide from me now. Oh well! 🙂


  6. Glad you and your innards are doing well. While I don't have any space to grow fresh veggies, I do drive to a local farmer's market. They will close the end of October and I will really miss them.I do have friends and neighbors like that. We couldn't possibly have survived 2009 without them.


  7. welcomed back! i lerve your new stuffs too… also my kind of prezzies…glad you are feeling good… no i dont have a dawn in my life but i am a dawn to many… and i love that you have one.what are turkey sliders?


  8. And you are back just like before. The anesthesia didn't dull your humor. THANKS for sharing your fun presents and keep having an uneventful recovery! (And thanks for the \”last\” meal update. It's always interesting to know the appetites of our blog friends.)


  9. I pray for your continued recovery and that this weekend will be a nice relaxing one for you. I love egg plant and must convince my hubby that we need to grow some in our garden next year. Now that our garden is done for the year I am sad to not have all the lovely produce to cook with and eat.Love and many hugs sent to you dear friend. ((((((Suz))))) I sure am thankful to have you as a friend. 🙂


  10. glad your feeling better and i too love all your gifties! i love eggplant, and now want to cook something with it! i have been wanting some parmesan \”something\” or other for awhile now, might as well make it eggie plant, eh? i have a brick of the good stuff, i love it! and that bag is so adorable! where did she get it? hope you have a relaxing weekend…take it easy, let everyone wait on you! k? let them pamper you. you deserve it. rest, rest, rest! lol!


  11. So glad your surgery went well and you back home recuperating well. Yay for good family to take care of us! The eggplant bad is super cute– and I do have Dawn-like friends who are so thoughtful. Maybe even a bee friend who is so thoughtful! 🙂 Have a great and restful weekend!


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