My latest craze is going to cause clothing issues. And some trees too.


Last year I discovered that I like avocado. For 42 years I avoided them. Turned up my nose. Like Nancy warned me, I just said NO.

Until…. my Grandma was sick. In the last few weeks of her life, while at home, we could get her to eat very little. What did she want to eat though? Avocado.  Sliced avocado with ranch dressing.

While I was getting her to eat some one day, she told me to have some. I said no. I don’t like it.

She said: eat it, it is good. You will like it.

I said: no thanks.

She looked disappointed.

So, I ate some. And I liked it. I wondered why it took me so long to get on the avocado bus.  Damn me.

So, now I am in love with homemade guacamole. With extra cilantro…oh, cilantro how I love thee…. 


I ate it for dinner last night.

Don’t judge. 

And when ONE avocado costs $2.49, I am thinking I need my own tree; just like Grandma had.

Speaking of trees….

We had an arbor day of sorts a few weeks ago.

I got two mango tree’s from my in laws for my birthday. Soon, I will get my own Food Network show for my amazing mango salsa.


We also got a key lime tree.


I will need the limes to make my guacamole, salsa and they can’t hurt a corona either.  I’m just sayin’


Speaking of Grandma and tree’s it was one year ago that She passed away.

The year has flown. And remember the tree that my FIL gave me in memory of her? No, you don’t cause YOU have a life. But here it is back then:


And now.


(That ominous sky is thanks to ‘Tropical storm Nicole’ who after many warnings of flash floods and wind did not even Drop ONE drop of rain. *cursing the weather man*)

This tabebuia tree will *hopefully* be full of yellow blooms in March. {G’mas birthday month!}

I have been a bit MIA this week…getting some projects done around the house, and I am trying to focus on my exercising more. Thanks to the guacamole, it is an uphill battle.

I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a few blogger friends with health issues right now…this weighs heavily on my mind.

I heart you all. Forizzle.

31 thoughts on “My latest craze is going to cause clothing issues. And some trees too.

  1. Wow….it's really been a year, huh? I'll bet it doesn't feel that way to you. The tree is GORGEOUS!! And, yay for Grandma getting you to try avocado. AVOCADOS ROCK!! I could eat them every single day. There have been periods where I have, actually. I like them anyway you can think of…guacamole, sliced into a salad, as a topping to ANYTHING, you get the picture. One of my favorite ways to eat them? Simply sliced in half, scooped out with a spoon, and straight into my big mouth. Yum!


  2. i was missing you!can you bring some guacamole with extra cilantro tomorrow night? not to share… just for us! heehee. i love your trees… and g'mas tree, especially. thinking of you and keeping you close to my heart.


  3. Hi Suz, Of course I never knew your grandmother –but I will never forget all of the times you have talked about her –and kept the memories alive… Quite a woman, indeed!!!! I loved the picture where she showed some 'leg'…… ha ha She is smiling from above that you like Avocado now… She tried to tell you just how good it is!!!!! Now you know!!!! I'd love to eat some of your Guac…Congrats on the new trees … And your Grandma's tree is gorgeous…Thanks for such a great post…Hugs,Betsy


  4. I wish I had an avacado tree. My daughter makes a blender full of avacado, frozen orange juice, and milk every day. I used to think it was gross – until I tasted it. I'll think of your Grandma next time I enjoy avacado.


  5. Anonymous

    Thinking of you especially tonight Suzanne. I loved the spunk that your Grandma had. I know she was dear to you and today must have been so hard. Wonderful that her memory tree is doing so well. Can't wait to see you on the food network! We have a favorite Mexican restaurant in town that makes the best guacamole with lots of cilantro. I'll never forget the time mother forgot Sebastian (the owner's) name and called him Geraldo instead!!! He's a sweetheart and he thought it was cute! Love you Suz.


  6. yummy! You made me super hungry!I love all your trees! I esp. love the tree thats planted for your grandma! Thats a brilliant idea! There is a tree in the front of my elementary school that we planted for a friend that passed when I was younger! I love visiting and seeing how big its gotten!


  7. Oh Suz this is such a nice post. It's a sweet tribute to your gram. The tree is lookin' good too. I'm glad she got you to try avocado…they're sooooo good for you. I'm told our tastes change every 8 years so Grama must have known it was your time to love avocados! xxx


  8. hey suz… how are yee? i love avocados too. they are great on turkey sammies.. forizzle, girrrl.i bet you miss your gramma. it is very touching to see how much her tree has grown, just like her love for you honey.. you KNOW she is gettin everyone in heaven to try avocados, dontcha? i bet they grow in abundance there.cilantro is my bff… i love it in my chicken soup… everything…nicole is spittin her rains on us here in havelock… it has been pouring down buckets my whole trip…. BUCKETS!


  9. I love the difference in Gramma's tree in a year!Avocado is full of mono unsaturated fat….like olive oil. It's good for you in moderation (the calorie thing). Sliced avocado as a substitute for mayo in a sandwich is so much healthier. Try it.The Source is the king of Guac makers. No lie. Dang good!!


  10. Yes, I remember that gorgeous tree you planted last year. Its doing so great and I can't wait to see Grandma's beauty come out in March. What a creepy looking sky behind the tree! I'm glad you weren't bombarded with that icky storm.


  11. I remember your grandma stories fondly and with smiles. I bet she is eating avacodes up in heaven and smiling down on you knowing she is the one that got you to try them. 🙂 Avocades are truly delicious and love them any way…even just eating it by itself. Yum. I think I might have to go buy some now that you've sparked my hunger for them. 🙂 That tree looks so good…I look forward to seeing picture of it when it is blossoming.Good for you on the exercising! I am jealous. Between my thyroid that is making me sick and the doctor saying no to exercise and being in high pain right now, I sadly cannot.I hope your Tuesday is terrific dear sweet lady. XX


  12. i have always loved avocado, it is yum yum & good for you too!!!$2.49 sounds pretty expensive!i usually try to find em for 99cents, maybe they are not really in season anymore?i'm glad you've embraced avocados 🙂


  13. I turned my nose at the avocado for years too! And then I saw Alton Brown talking about them and thought hmm..I'll give them a try. So I did and now we love them. Love guacamole. How could I be from Texas and not eat guacamole until I was well into my adult years? I have no idea! But it is good. We also made Alton's cake frosting using avocados. And yes it was very good. And very green. Love your tree. It's making progress. I know you miss your G'ma. And I know how the thoughts of foods can take us back and connect us to the past. Hugs, my friend! : )


  14. The tree is lovely–and what a great way to memorialize her.Seriously? You lived your whole life thinking you didn't like avocados? Avocado is a major food group in our house. When my kids were babies I made my own baby food–so an avocado and a baby spoon meant we were ready for lunch.You are such a kind person.


  15. I can't believe you haven't had a drop of rain. Our rain has not stopped since Sunday. It's absolutely nuts! I do believe it is supposed to stop tomorrow. I hope!I have turned my nose up at avocado all my life too. Perhaps I've also been too much of a snob and need to change my ways.


  16. If you come out to CA I will give you one of my homegrown avacado trees! I planted them from pits in store bought avacados….and my 6 year old tree is barring the fruit I used to pay big $$ for in the store. I am still waiting for my tree at work to bare fruit…it just may not but it gives great shade.


  17. Nicole just stormed in and smashed the big beautiful tree on our front yard all over the car :-(I don't know how you Floridians cope with all these storms, oh the stress is tying me up in knots right now.I'll share my guacamole recipe with you, because I like you and I like avocados (lol)A few ripe avocados, peeled and pittedLots of smashed fresh garlicSome sea saltSome lime or lemon juice (or both)Some sour creamSome salsaMash all together until creamy and enjoy! 🙂


  18. Dearest Suz,I also love avocado. It's so wonderful that your climate allows you to grow some of the most delicious foods in the world. In case you need avocadoes before you can grow your own, Costco sells them in bags of 5. We go through those bags about once a week. As you would say, Forizzle. I also need more exercise, but they are soooo delish that I think it's worth it. I think.Grandma's tree is gorgeous. I can see her love causing it to bloom. Your FIL was so sweet to think of such a great gift. Your grandma was such a positive influence on you – now, I will think of her when I eat those avos.


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