Where did it all go?


Time that is.

I forgot that this weekend is Halloween. My brain cramps are becoming very spooky. The girls are old and done with trick or treating…and for that, I am glad.

Does that make me a bad Mom? Some things I just did not enjoy, such as pan-handling for cavities. 

Have I ever mentioned how different my girls are from each other?

This Halloween back in 2004 sums it all up.


Miss USA and Miss Army girl! 

I adore my opposite girls. They bring me such joy and giddiness. And occasional brain cramps.

A few years ago Cocoa begged to get in on the dressing up action as well.


**Buzz Buzz**

Seriously, she begged.

Once Ozzie saw how much fun it was, he begged to be a rainbow butterfly. And I could not deny him this joy.

And when I say “begged” I mean they did not flee the scene.


This was just a few weeks after we adopted him…If I could read his mind (and I can) he is wondering if being on the streets was a better idea. On the streets, he could dress in peace with less ridicule.


So, are you dressing up this weekend?

Or will you be like me…. Home in my PJ’s wondering where the heck my childhood went.

Have a fun and safe weekend. And whatever you do, don’t forget to appreciate TODAY for what it is. {In 24 hours it will done gone}

Watch out for the ankle biters, the crumb crunchers and the mini pip squeaks. They are everywhere this time of year!

{{Happy birthday Uncle Jim!!!}}

There’s one in every crowd.


I am talking about rebels here.


A rebel eggplant.

Trying to break away from the crowd; make his own way in the world.

He is screaming: “don’t cage me in!”  {yes, it is loud in my garden}

Don’t tell him, but he is actually making his way to my kitchen. Very soon.

Eggplant; the other white meat.


On second thought, perhaps I won’t eat that particular rebellious eggplant, he might be too tuff tough for me.

Should I give him the Busy Bee presidential pardon?