38 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand~

  1. Anonymous

    What beautiful girls, both inside and out. Suz, you did such a great job on their hair for the prom. I agree with the first comment; I see both you and Coach in them. Blessings to you today.


  2. ohhh, they are just tooooo cute! i have very few pics of mine where they are hugging and together. when they are adults. when they were little, tons! yours are sooo sweet. hope they stay close. it is precious. well, and mine are brother and sister, they were close as little kids, fought as teens, but close as adults. they just live far apart. not too many pics together. hohum, one day i hope….with all the babies together! lol


  3. The best part of growing up with a sister is you enjoy them more and more as you get older. They are best friends given to us by God. If they are as sweet as they are pretty, you are blessed beyond words.


  4. BFF's forever… how can you top that? they are beautiful, just like you and the coachmeister.i still want your doggies. trying to take my mind off them with the girls, just wont cut it, Mrs. Bee!


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