Running out of words and Suz on cold medicine.


It seems that lately when I open my laptop, I click on my “live writer” icon and I just stare at the blank page.

I might be out of words.

I used to tell Lindsay when she was little: “remember that we can run out of words, so you might want to save some for later.” 

She was the chatty patty of the house.

And she never ran out of words, but I might have.


Chatty Patty makes a great dog-head rest.

I have been a sick, sickly sicko this week.

I have been afflicted with a head cold. But my body is starting to hurt as well. It spread from my head to my body. I tried to keep them separate to stop the spread of the virus, but I found this to be difficult.

I can’t pull a David Copperfield.

So, I am on Dimetapp. Yum. It tastes like grape juice. And yes, dimetapp is for children, lets face it, I am a child.

Dimetapp is the only thing I can take that does not make me feel worse or loopy.

Have you ever seen this type of patience? Ozzie is patiently waiting for the cat to stop drinking out of HIS water bowl, so that he may have some.P1050286


Of course the cat takes his sweet ol’ time….

I just saw that Vanilla Ice {Ice Baby} has a new show on the DIY network. What is this world coming to? Surely MC Hammer would have been a better choice!

I had smashed sweet potatoes for dinner last night and I could ALMOST taste them. What did you have?

Ok, on second thought, perhaps I am NOT out of words and I take back what I said about dimetapp NOT making me loopy. 

If you need me, I will be in my boudoir resting. Doing loop de loops in my head.

Have a great weekend.

Bee Healthy!

Bee Patient!

Bee a sharer!

32 thoughts on “Running out of words and Suz on cold medicine.”

  1. Aw, Suz, I hope you're feeling better soon. Just stay in bed and sleep until you feel like your old self again. Coach can take care of things around the house for a while, right? Hey…where'd you go!? Get back here!!!


  2. Good Morning, Suz,I'm sorry you have the crummy cold. It is going around in the Dakotas too. It seems Emily has it…but so far, I have escaped.I am still laughing out loud thinking about your dog waiting for the cat to finish drinking…Oh, the power of a cat!!Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie


  3. Do you walk around with the camera in your hand? Every time I see my dogs/kids doing something that would make a great picture, by the time I run and get my camera, the moment is over.Hope you get to feeling better, but you on meds make for some interesting posts! :DRest up & get well!


  4. hehehehe!!how cute , your daughter is a \”head rest\”all of my cats, yes all six of them, drink out of our dog, Lucy's, water bowl.Lucy is soo patient, she even puts up with them diping their paws in and batting the water around :)hope you are feeling better soon, relax & enjoy your weekend.


  5. oh get better soon, we had homemade pizza things. i used newmans own sockarooni!! love his stuff, and then we used mama lupes low carb tortillas, they don't affect your blood sugar and of course good ol mozzarella cheese, in the oven for 23 minutes and yum, it satisfied my pizza craving!!


  6. Your dogs have such personality. That is the first I have seen one that size on top of someone's head. Our dearly departed dogs had great respect for the cats, too.So sorry you aren't buzzing about with your usual vigor. Colds/Viruses are so aggravating. You are doing the right thing by trying to sleep it off though. Extra sleep does seem to hasten the healing process.


  7. I do so hate having a cold. You feel so miserable and get so little sympathy (except from your blogger buddies). Get some rest, drink plenty of fluids and have a good weekend on the sofa.


  8. Oh the weather is changin up here and it sems everyone is sick! So sorry to hear you are under the weather…take care of you!PS My poor dog has to wait to drink out of her own water bowl too. Our cat is pushy.


  9. I'm sorry to hear that you are under the weather and I hope you are feeling better soon. You've always struck me as a young-at-heart person, so perhaps Dimetapp is appropriate for you. I certainly hope it helps you get better. Don't do too many loops de loops in your head this weekend.


  10. Sorry you're feeling ill. I love the taste of Dimetapp, but I haven't had any in years. The dog and cat are speaking volumes in their photos, so you didn't have to utter many words there.


  11. Awe Honey Chile—I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick… Do you take Vit C daily??? We take 1000 mg's every morning…. Knock on wood–but we haven't had a cold in several years….I do know that colds or flu-bugs can make you feel horrible… I hope you have a weekend of relaxation, rest, fluids, and chicken soup!!!!!Get well soon, my little friend.Hugs,Betsy


  12. Poor Suz! If I lived closer, I would make the \”Comforting Chicken Soup\” and bring it over to you. Do you need the recipe? You don't have to be able to taste it for it to do its chickeny-soup-goodness-to-you thing.We had leftover wild salmon and a huge green salad last night. Then we went to Costco and stopped for our beer at the pub.Bless your heart – I hope you feel better soon! xoxoxo


  13. Gee Suz, I hope you get well enough to enjoy your weekend. I think having kids at home leaves you more open to colds and germs. I haven't had a cold in YeArs! (Other ills of course,but no colds) Ozzie is a sweetie. I would love to see how Hootie would treat a cat, but am afraid he'd kill it. He likes to chase things. And then, \”play with\” them ie: kill.


  14. I have been scrolling through your blog, reading your posts. I love the pics. I especially love the one of your dog resting his chin on your daughter's head!


  15. I am sad to hear you are sick!! Tell those pups to get on nurse duty pronto! And yep, cats always rule the roost. Scout's even afraid to go near her food dish until Marvin's done sniffing it and trying to take a bite out of the big dog kibble. I keep waiting for the cat to crack a tooth! Ha!


  16. You apparently did not run out of words. :)Once in a while, though, I think words just get a little clogged up. Then before you know the drain becomes clear and they keep on flowing as much as before.


  17. Oh no! I didn't know you were sick, my poor sweet busy bee!Rest! Have the girls bring you breakfast in bed, honey tea and all. And when you're better, stay sick an extra day to finish that book in a hot bubble bath ;-)( hugs )


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