What is the caloric content of a ladybug?


I only ask because I was~~ this~~ close to eating one yesterday.

Apparently, just like me, ladybugs have a taste for cilantro.

I had a ‘bunch’ of cilantro in the crisper fridge drawer for over a week…I had been taking clumps from it all week.

Yesterday, Mr. lady bug made himself known.


And he.was.still.alive!!

He was ~~this~~ close to being julienned.

I resisted naming him, and I did set him free in my garden.

He said ‘Tank u berry much bee lady.’

I just wonder what he would have tasted like. crunchy chicken?

If you really want to be grossed out, check out the caloric table for these insects…I said EWWWWW at all of them especially the last one! 

{People actually EAT THEM without being on a reality show.}

Gag me with a ladybug spoon!  

31 thoughts on “What is the caloric content of a ladybug?”

  1. Ewwwww!!!! I can NOT believe that calorie chart! Gross! Why the heck did someone even take the time to figure all that out? If you're eating bugs for dinner, I have a feeling that your caloric intake is really not a worry.


  2. Ew. Every time I get broccoli I wonder if I'm missing any bugs when I clean it. Ewwwww. Glad you got to set Mr. Lady Bug free instead of making him into salsa or something. :p


  3. I can't believe there is a caloric table for insects out there! Who decided people needed to know how many calories a grasshopper has? Is there really a great demand for this??Glad you didn't eat the ladybug… 😉


  4. Ewwwwwwwww! LOL I don't think I will be eating bugs anytime soon. I just lost my appetite reading that list…might be good for my diet though. :)Hope your Monday is marvelous.


  5. It was nice of you to return the ladybug to your garden. Do you think he'll try for a return trip to your crisper?On one of my trips to China I was served fried scorpion. I didn't have much taste.


  6. Gag is right, Suz…… We've had swarms of ladybugs a few times here… We have to close up the house to keep them OUTSIDE……Have you ever smelled one of those bugs –if you kill it??? It stinks something horrible…. Glad you set yours free–and didn't smush it…. Peeeee-ouuuuuu.Gag me with a Ladybug is RIGHT…. haHugs,Betsy


  7. Oh my gosh. We bought frozen spinach once from the grocery store (I was feeling lazy)… and after I just started to cook it – I saw a FROZEN lady bug in the pot with the spinach. Maybe I should have tried thawing it out and letting it loose back into the world. Instead, I dumped the it along with the spinach into the garbage.And there was this one time when I was getting ready to cut up some strawberries for Nic. Got a huge container of them from Costco. Picked a few of them to wash off, and there was this HUGE all green (lime green?) spider just prancing around on the strawberry I had in my hand. Ok, it wasn't prancing. But it was scary and huge. blecccchhhh. And no, thank you! I won’t be checking out that calorie chart. Lol…I plan to eat good food the rest of the day, not hugging a toilet. =)


  8. you know i take your advice and do whatever you tell me (haha)… but i am not looking at that chart. and i wouldn't be so worried about the calories of a bug as i would about it trying to crawl back UP


  9. I certainly do NOT see the pleasure in eating bugs but then again it's a culture thing, isn't it?Some people eat snake and cats and…*gags discreetly*I do love cilantro though, but thanks for the warning about washing your greens with a fireman's hose before eating! LOL!bon appétit! 😀


  10. EEwww. What was that green stuff behind him? – wait, please don't answer that! So glad that you discovered him in time, for both of your sakes. But do keep your eyes peeled, because he may come in on another bunch of cilantro!


  11. No, thank you for bug appetizers – – but how did you know that was a Mr. LadyBug and not a Mrs.?But back to talking about bugs for food – – – About 15 years ago, we went to a graduation dinner for a Middle Eastern Student and some kind of a deep-fried insect was on the buffet. Some tried them and said they were fine. I was not one of the some.


  12. Um, ew. I have no desire to eat bugs, but somehow I always wind up too stinkin' close!! Two times {TWO!} I have found those little green inch worms on my broccoli. *After* it has been cooked, and yes, they are still alive. {This was years ago, but I am still traumatized by it}. And once when we lived in an RV while our house was being built {I was 13 at the time}, I poured myself a bowl of cheerios, and it was full of . . . sugar ants. Ick! Blech! I hate bugs.


  13. I'm glad Ms. Ladybug didn't get julienned. Interesting about the nutritive content of various bugs. I can't say I wouldn't eat them if I were starving. But otherwise, I'll stick with chicken….


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