*45* is the new *35*

Well, that is what *they* say…


So that means when we got married you were really only 15.

Wedding dance

And when we were dating you were really only 6 or so

Jeff Suz 1985 2

So, the fact that you were that young explains why you were almost always shirtless…

little fish

And adorable.

 baby jeff  

One of these days, possibly you will really act your age.


But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

On second thought, acting our age really might be overrated.

Happy birthday Coach.

~The best is yet to beeeeeee~

30 thoughts on “*45* is the new *35*

  1. Happy birthday, Coach!! There is no need to ever act one's age. As a matter of fact, I am going to act YOUR age for the rest of the day and see where it gets me. I am, however, glad you put a shirt on for your wedding. That was a good move.


  2. Happy Birthday Coach! What a wonderful fun post Suz…like Caution Flag say's, there is no need to act one's age. 🙂 Hope you guys have a most wonderful day! XX


  3. suz, when i saw the pics of you and coach when you were younger, i had a flashblack! i think we went to the same dances and parties. my hubby even had the same outfits. i will have to blow off the cobwebs of time and look for them now and post a now and then. it is him that has had alot of change. everyone says i still look the same, plus a few more added wrinkles and ripples! lol im working on another project with my genealogy so while i am digging, i will post some of these oldies on my site. it will be too funny! lets make it 80's theme week! happy birthday to that \”young man\” of yours!


  4. Anonymous

    hello there, haven't been around blog land lately. it's just been hard to find the time. miss reading about your shenanigans.happy birthday to coach, love the photos!


  5. Happy birthday to your honey! I can tell from the photos that he shares your sense of humor!!P.S. Are you thinking about breaking out that french maid costume for halloween? Not that I wanted to borrow it or anything……


  6. Happy B-day Coach!! Wow.. I LOVE this post!! I'll be '35' at the end of Nov… Well, really 45!! But, since you said it's the new 35, I feel younger, already!!! We will never grow up, right?! I'm not really sure how to act 'my age!!!'Have a great weekend..Leesa


  7. Sweet post! No matter what age you all get – – you will find that inside of you always feels younger than your body! It looks like you two have had a lot of fun together over the years.


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