Hey, what’cha doing?



I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that. And I threw in a little something else too.

I’ve had some productive projects inside as well as outside.

Photos will be shared when all are completed. Why do anything and NOT share?…not cool. 


Has anyone ever got on your nerves so much that you wanted to take a sharp object (such as a shank) and jab them in the eye? But, being the nice person that you (or me) are, you chose to use a duller object instead…like a spoon?

Me neither.  

But anyhoo, how angry could one be when there is so much to be happy for.

First off, it was 65 degrees this morning. Hallelujah.

And then there is….

Sweet husband. Funny kids. wiggly dogs. Rescued miners. Red wine. Working limbs. Green grass. technology. A soft place to land at night. tivo. Love. Laughter. Joy. Joy. Joy. sunshine. ice cream cake.

And beautiful sunsets.

So beautiful, that Cocoa had to sit down and admire this one as well.


Whatever you do this weekend, I do hope you have much to be happy for as well. Enjoy the sunsets. And if you can, enjoy the sunrises as well.

Bee Sunny.

Bee Bright.

Bee Happy.

What is putting joy in your heart today?

31 thoughts on “Hey, what’cha doing?

  1. Oh Suz just reading this put joy in my heart…I love your outlook on life…looking for the positive and the good around you…I surely can't wait to see what you've been up to…to answer your question about anyone getting on my nerves and wanting to jab them in the eye…of course and there have been times when I've watched certain people and it's caused me to want to poke myself in the eye because it would be less painful…lol…Beautiful sunset.My little's…their words and their sweetness..my wonderful cup of coffee that I am drinking at present..the looks of another beautiful fall day…all are filling up my heart with joy.Hope you and yours have a spectacular weekend! XX


  2. : ) This made me smile like a goon.You know that song that says You make me…. I can't think of any more of it, but this post made me want to listen to that.Wishing you and your dog that loves sunsets a wonderful weekend.I have never drank red wine. Or any other. I think I should try some. I need more happiness.


  3. I bought some new chocolate truffle coffee and I'm really excited to try it this morning. I'm embracing all the things I can do in America. I love the sunset picture, so gorgeous! What a lovely post and a reminder of the things we can be grateful for. Happy weekend to you too! Have a wonderful time and can't wait to see the pics of your new project!


  4. Gratitude is such a great joy-giver – I love your \”attitude of gratitude!\” I'm joyful today because this head-cold is starting to go away, and David is coming HOME from G.U. for his first visit! HOORAY! It's going to be a great weekend – blessings to all of you!


  5. you are the sweetest <3i also can get very irritated and want to shank people (usuallly MEAN people)!! hahai love the picture of your pup, what a cute lil stubby tail!!how are the cats?happy weekend


  6. Let's see…-It's currently 59 here! (Oh, happy day!!)-It's Friday! I made it through another week at the Hell-Hole! Thank you, Jesus!!-I'm sitting with my baby right now, reading and laughing at my/our blogs. OBVIOUSLY, Suz, you're on the list!:)-I'm getting together with some friends tonight for some karaoke. Stop laughing at me!-I'm going out with my sister and sister-in-law tomorrow night for a wild Girls' Night Out! Look out!-I'm about to turn the oven on and bake something. Any suggestion?Have a great weekend, Suz!


  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful post Suzanne and a most precious picture of Cocoa gazing into the sunset! What a cutie! I am especially thankful for the prayers of our blog friends – you have been a source of strength and hope for us. Thanks friend.


  8. Perfect post. So much puts joy in my heart… many of the same things that you list: husband, kids, dogs, nature, good food, red wine, sunsets, etc. etc.Blessings ABOUND… we just have to open our eyes. 🙂


  9. Hi Suz, Love that Cocoa.. AND—I love sunsets. You had a marvelous one!!!!! Wow!!!!Today I am joyful since both George and I got good reports from our annual physical at the doctor.. Yeah Rah!!!!! Have a nice weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  10. A lot of what you already listed puts joy in my heart – – plus . . . a God who Loves Me! . . . a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate, a couple of slices of GREAT Italian pizza, a happy home, great job, and transportation to get there and back, internet and new blog friends. . . . . and I could go on and on and on and . . . . . .


  11. Awwww, what a lovely post! And yes, I have wanted to stab with a sharp object, not a spoon.The sunset was beautiful, and what a deep soulful dog who sits and watches it!


  12. Fun fun fun. Love the sunset and your pup. So pretty. Yes, your weather is turning a little nicer. We had delightful weather when we were in FL. : ) Bee happy and have a great weekend!


  13. Lovely post Suz and thanks for all your encouraging posts when I was having my surgery and in hospital. I am so enjoying every minute of my life and savouring the fact that I actually have one to enjoy. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets indeed XX


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