What’s the story~

……Morning Glory? 

Do you remember watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on TV? It was a highlight of my week. How about Sunday nights and tuning into The Wonderful World Of Disney? It was a weekend ending staple.

Now, I have 1,982 channels and sometimes there is just nothing on. {Especially since the MAD MEN season is over. already. Pffftttt.}

Sometimes more is not more better-er. Unless we are talking about ice cream.

Do you remember when grown up ladies wore subtle and demure nail polish?


Me too.

OPI~ Diva of Geneva. I swear my hands are not that lily white.

I may never be a real ‘grown up’ or act demure. I can pretend if need be though.

We had a great weekend. BEEautiful weather…no wonder the snow birds are already making their way south.

I hosted a small family gathering for the Coach’s bday on Saturday.  And by small, it was only 20 peeps.

 IMG_4511 He was surprised and possibly annoyed by that little ‘surprise’…and maybe he really was not giving me the finger while he was scratching his nose. Possibly.

We only give the finger in love around here, so I took it as a sign of sweet sweet birthday love.

How was your weekend? Anyone sweet enough to give you the finger?

32 thoughts on “What’s the story~

  1. Awww….late Happy B-Day to the Coach! And I love that you two share fingers….I peeked at the other post and saw your fun pictures of the past. You were cute then too :)Have a great week Suz


  2. TV is tough…I record a lot of old shows I used to watch to re-watch on really bad nights or when I can't sleep and ….Sounds like you had a lovely weekend…finger and all!!!


  3. You are too funny! My family used to do that, too. Happy birthday to Coach! I am sure he loved the thought behind the party even if the surprise was a bit…surprising. It sounds like a suceess!So glad that you are having good weather and welcoming those snowbirds. Ours took off last week for the west-coast version of the land of sunshine. They are very happy to be out of the cold (temps below 60)!OPI is my favorite brand of polish. Sephora is a very good brand, too. They have a pink glitter polish that I use to transform any polish that I put on the toes. It's a little miracle of fun for my homely toes. Hope you have a great day!


  4. You are sooooo right about the television. I couldn't have expressed it better. Television is not a happy subject around here this weekend. Due to a squirrel being in a wrong place, it got fried which caused a power blurp in the neighborhood which ruined some TV cable equipment on a pole — – in the subdivision. Internet company didn't think it was necessary to send someone out on Saturday – – – before one of the good football games — – waited till Sunday – – – – it took the guy six hours to find and repair the problem! I am fine without TV but my husband was none too happy. Such is life!


  5. Happy birthday to Coach! Looks like a fun party. : ) I loved Wild Kingdom. My hubs cracks me up because he remembers all sorts of things from that show. And I loved watching the Wonderful World of Disney, but I didn't get to see all of it very often, because we went to church on Sunday nights. But I loved it when I did get to watch it. And now there is very little on tv worth watching..except hello, Sister Wives. Creepy and fascinating at the same time. I feel sorry for that whole family and yet its like a train wreck and I can't look the other way. Your nails are cute. I painted my toenails black over the weekend. Made me feel like such a bad girl. I usually go for pink! : )


  6. * Love the nails. Really. Toooo cute.* Miss Sunday – Disney nights.* Upgrading our Dish this week; I miss the movie channels (TCM?). I need an Elvis movie or a Gidget fix.* I must love the husband a LOT. Especially lately. lol… * Hope Coach had a wonderful weekend and party; despite you being a loving and thoughtful wife. 😛


  7. My weekend was so very busy, I need another day just to recuperate!I used to love Wild Kingdom & Walt Disney! It was a great way to end the weekend and start the new week!


  8. OPI polishes are my favorite, every color is wonderful, isn't it? That color looks great on you! Sounds like a fun party– that made me smile about the finger being a gesture of love. I love it. You are good to your family!


  9. I give the love finger all the time. Gotta keep it real.So if I told you that I sported navy blue and bright green polish colors over the summer…you'd call me unladylike? Hmmmm????


  10. LOL You are too funny dear Suz. Yes, we do the finger thing in love in our house too…lol. I'm glad that you had a nice weekend and a good party. I love parties. 🙂 Hope your Monday is going marvelous! XX


  11. Aww love the photo and happy birthday coach! I love how you manage to throw a \”small\” party and do your nails and probably vacuumed the yard, too. And yes OPI is where it's at! We had a gorgeous weekend here, took a drive, enjoyed the fall colors, took back my life….


  12. Hi Suz, Looks like you all gave Coach a GREAT birthday celebration…. I don't get my nails done anymore-but I used to when I was working fulltime. Now—I am just digging in the dirt most of the time it seems, so I keep the fingernails fairly short…. I raked and blew leaves –and George mowed on Saturday.. Our 50 big shade trees have decided to drop their leaves… As much as I love Fall, you just cannot imagine how many leaves we have on our ground. We rake, blow and mow about 8 times before they are all gone…. Fun Fun….Went to Fall Creek Falls on Sunday.. I'll blog about it tomorrow…. That's our weekend in a nutshell….Hugs,Betsy


  13. I loved Mutual of Omaha. And the Friday night lineup of Nanny and the Professor, Partridge Family and Brady Bunch–you're right, more is not necessarily better.I'm sure Coach was secretly delighted with your party-throwing–after all, he didn't threaten to shank you, did he?


  14. My husband has done that subtle nose scratch/finger move to me many times. I think it's because I am a smart aleck sometimes.I really like your nail polish!


  15. happy belated birthday to da coach! yes i used to watch mutual of omaha then disney every sunday night. just hearing the music for each takes me back and sometimes makes me cry.. life was so simple then. no worries 'cept whether or not i got my homework done.


  16. sounds like a lovely time was had by all and many happy returns to Coach.I am wondering about all this praise you are giving the weather? Are you enjoying the cool? Remember the Brits come over for the baking heat. LOL


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