My Issues with Houdini.

Today is Ozzie’s 2nd anniversary with us. And since he is a rescue dog, we really don’t know how old he is, so this is his pretend real birthday. Lets just say he is 6. Ok?

Happy birthday Ozzie. AKA: wharf breath.IMG_0404

Ozzie has been known to  pull a Houdini and escape the property. (why he would want to escape 2.5 acres is beyond me.)

And he only comes back when he is thirsty or tired. He won’t come back in the way he escapes, so I don’t really know HOW he is getting out.  I have to let him back in via the front gate. On the good side, he never runs out towards the road, he ventures to the woods next to our house.


Many, many times I have said out loud: “I want a three legged dog that can’t run away.”

You too?

Yesterday; Me looking out towards the back yard: “If Ozzie gets out again today, I am taking off one of his legs.”


Lindsay: “Why not take off all four? I always wanted a dog in a wheelchair, they look really cool.”

Please don’t call PETA. We won’t really take off his legs.

But don’t tell him that. We are trying to keep him humble.

It’s not working.

32 thoughts on “My Issues with Houdini.

  1. LOL…I so understand…my dog liked to run off too and it drove me crazy. Seeing your sweet dogs makes me miss having one. We are actually thinking of getting one…or I should say trying to convince my husband that it's a great idea. :)Hope you have a terrific Tuesday Suz! XX


  2. Happy Birthday, Ozzie…. Bet he thinks that the 'grass is greener' outside of your yard…. Don't we humans think that too?????? My first husband wanted to move again because 'the grass was greener' somewhere else… NOT!!! It was NEVER greener. Maybe Ozzie will remember that sometime!!! Glad he does come back home –and glad he isn't hurt. I know it scares you though… He has a secret passageway –which you don't know about… He IS Houdini… haHave a great week, Suz.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Good luck with Houdini. We had one of those and it drove us nuts. I couldn't keep her in the yard and she was too dumb to just go play quietly and come back. Thankfully we kept her alive long enough to have to give her away to a nice family when our little guy was so sickly as a baby. The cat doesn't get out. Although she likes to sneak into the garage when the door is down. And then she kinda freaks out cuz she doesn't know what to do 'on the outside'. : )


  4. Dixie was a houdinis. Dixie could just leap and clear our 4' fence!! Once age kicked in and the leaping wouldn't work, she learned how to unlock the latch on our gate!! I'll have to tell you about her teasing the dog catcher some time:)


  5. Happy Birthday Ozzie! We had goats that used to get out of their fenced in area and we couldn't figure it out,until one day we caught them in the drainage pipe. Smart little suckers. Animals are so resourceful, if only we could see into their minds, eh? What a show that would be! Lindsey is funny. 🙂


  6. Ozzie is adorable but definitely has that look that he can do anything. After all, he made it fine for four years before finding you all – – right? We had a rescue dog that looked like Benji. It actually climbed our chain link fence. We saw her! Myrtle ran into a moving car – – but was only sore a few days and escaped again. That was about 30 years ago. Canine love – – – what we don't do for them.


  7. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday wishes to Ozzie! What a cutie! I have a dog with no legs! haMagic is our escape artist but he comes back in the same way and we are able to correct the problem.Did Ozzie get a spoonful of peanut butter today??


  8. oh Suz, that reminds me of my old dog Preston. When we would travel and have to take him to the kennel ( a wonderful place with a pool and ice cream treats) they had to put 3 different kinds of locks on his Kennel door…if not, they would find him wondering the halls…


  9. hehehehehehhe!!! what a cutie! i won't tell PETA, they are a bit nutty and would prob have a riot on your front lawn within minutes!! :)i think i would like a little stumpy dog in a wheelchair too!! heheoff to take a midterm!!!i'll be frequenting your blog a bit more soon 🙂


  10. As he gets older, perhaps he'll \”sliP' and share his secret. I couldnt' figure out how Queen Bee was getting into the closed pantry – til one day she forgot I was sitting on the couch in the same room and she showed me how she deftly opened the knob with her mouth! Now the knob has bitter apple sprayed on it and she keeps her mouth off. Silly dogs.Happy birthday Ozzie!


  11. Awwwww 🙂 Yep, been there. Our doggie {Grizzly} is no longer with us, but he used to escape all.the.time. Of course, it was only on the days that Jeremy was at the station for 24 hours. I swear, he would just wait for him to leave, and then off he would traipse. But not before head butting through the fence to break free. Call me crazy, but I kind of miss it.


  12. Such a sweet photo of Oz in submission pose…NOT! We dogs are gonna boycott your blog MissSuz if you continue to speak of dismembering any pooch. Shame on you. Poor little Hootie hides under the bed at the mere mention of your name now. Mom says,\”I'm reading Suz's blog now kids\” and he runs, terror stricken. Retraction is requested.WithHolding Our Smooches Tonight,BabyRocketDog & Hootie


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