Sorry, I CAN’T HEAR YOU and I wake up everyday looking like a wizard.


Have you ever lost hearing in one ear after doing extensive cleaning? Yesterday this happened to me. I think I did too much vacuuming and lost my hearing. Take that as a warning people.

OR My other theory:  perhaps my ear swallowed one of my earplugs while I was sleeping. I did lose one this week.….maybe it went all the way into my brain. 

~non subtle change of subject and a photo might possibly go with the next subject I am yakking about~

  Suzanne B-day 2010 (2)-1

Do you sleep on your back, side or belly?

I am a side sleeper and I desperately want to be a back sleeper.

I wake up each morning looking like a wizard.

This one in particular.


Lacking a cloak of invisibility is annoying…

My face does a magic trick while I sleep…I get some really nice pillowcase marks on both sides. And I use silk cases…go figure.


The ‘marks’ used to only last an hour or so, now they are lasting most of the day, and then I go to sleep and do it all over again. I don’t know how to teach this old dog how to sleep differently.

Am I the only one with this wizardly looking issue?

I wish I could levitate and sleep….not only would I not have sleep wrinkles, I would never have to make my bed again!!!


So, what are you doing this weekend? My weekend is chock full of good and busy stuff.

SHHHHhhhhhh…..I have a super secret blog guest coming over for a lil’ visit too….So, when are YOU coming over to visit?

On second thought maybe I just scared away all future visitors since I can’t HEAR A DARN THING and my face is all sorts of sleepy crazy!

Bee good.

Bee kind.

Bee a good sleeper.

29 thoughts on “Sorry, I CAN’T HEAR YOU and I wake up everyday looking like a wizard.

  1. I use to only sleep on my back, but had to retrain myself to sleep on my side because of sleep apnea. Have you tried using a satin pillowcase? Heck, I don't know! I am hoping to get lots of sewing and creating time in this weekend. Christmas is just around the corner…Have a great weekend!


  2. After you wash your face in the morning, put a LOT of moisturizer on it. It will help smooth out those creases. And drink a lot of water, too. The weekend – – an all day library conference in Chattanooga – – – – but will do some shopping afterwards!!!


  3. Uh – oh. I had a co-worker who had an \”ear problem\” for a while – lost hearing and the like… after 3 visits to the doc, they did find her ear plug. Get checked out, Suz, the Wizard!I am a everything sleeper – I cannot stop moving. Back, stomach, side – I like em all.This weekend… Landscaping stuff, trying to refinish a dresser for my daughter, volunteering at her school's Harvest Festival, hosting another small get-together on Sunday, cleaning out the garage (yes, already!).Have lots of fun with your visitor!!


  4. I can sleep any which way. But I can't really chose when and where. I just wake up that way. I don't have the wizard thing, but I keep waiting for it. We are going to go around town and take some pictures for a school project..if it doesn't rain us out.


  5. LOL You are so funny…I move a lot when I sleep…and yes I have experienced these marks from sleeping also. I've never lost my hearing due to vacuuming…but now after reading this I have a good excuse not to. :)Today we are costume hunting for Halloween. Tomorrow helping a friend move and then helping the son of a friend who is also moving…BUSY…then on Sunday we will start digging into our basement to sort, get rid of, repack, organize, and clean so that we can paint it…all so that we can get better organized around here and for my son moving back home!!!Hope you have a wonderful weekend. How exciting to meet up with a blog friend…how fun! I would love to come meet you!Sending love and hugs your way…XX


  6. Happy Birthday (or adoption anniversary) to Wharf Breath! I can't believe it's been two years already. Could you attach a Nanny Cam to his collar? Then you would learn his escape-artist secrets.Love to all in your household – have a great weekend!


  7. I am a stomach sleeper so my wizard face is terrible! But I cannot sleep on my back – I have tried and tried and tried.I have a friend that could paint her fingernails as she was getting ready for bed. She would lay on her back, hands resting across her chest to dry her nails, and wake in that EXACT position. I think she is a freak! 😉


  8. I have had to sleep on my back for three weeks. I have another three to six of it left. You can do it if you have to. My stomach is so swollen up still there are no choices. I also have to sleep sitting up a lot more than I would like. Its amazing what you get used to. Mind you – can't wait to get back on my side again.


  9. i cannot believe you ruined that beautiful pic of you & lo with those wizard marks! cuz you are bee-you-tee-ful 🙂 but if you do find a way to levitate in your sleep i hope you will share the insight :)as for a visit, i'll be over next weekend 🙂 see you sooN!


  10. I have never in my life cleaned so much I lost my hearing. I lose at cleaning. That's pretty great, though. I am sure I could eat off your floors.I am a belly sleeper, or a side sleeper. I'm with you, I can't make the back thing work. Levitating sleeping is the best idea I've heard all day! Someday…just takes some really strong magnets, right?


  11. I fall asleep on my side and wake up on my back. Maybe you could surround yourself with pillows so you can't roll and then when you are finally exhausted lying awake in the middle of your pillows, you'll sleep. It might take a while (and a lot of exhaustion) but eventually it (again, might) work?I have built in wrinkles. I don't even notice the sleep wrinkles. EXCEPT, – oh you'll thank me for this – I'm large busted and I do sleep on my side some. I have a permanent creases in the skin in the center of my chest from… well, you know, side floppage. They are there ALL THE TIME.Have a great weekend!!


  12. I sleep on my side because my back is just not comfortable. Try a pillow under your knees though if you try to sleep on your back. And yes, side sleeping wrecks your face:(


  13. Silly! Love your little wizard marks!! Embrace them Suz!!!I love to sleep on my side, but because I have calcific tendonitus (really!)in both shoulders I can't without major pain. Sometimes I start out on my side, but always end up on my back, with my mouth open like an airplane hanger and tongue thick and dried out like an old shoe. Ugh. Such a pretty picture. Believe me, back sleeping has not held the wrinkles at bay. I long to get some major Botox and Restalyn injections. A bobbed nose would be cool too. x-c


  14. i sleep with a c-pap so now i can sleep on my back. before it, tho, i'd choke on my tongue!!!!! everyone's hair looks funky in the morning… its just a part of life…i like to think of the marks on my face [cuz i get them from the c-pap] as evidence i slept! nuttin wrong wiff dat, toots!


  15. I wake up EVERY morning, looking like a cross between Don King and Albert Einstein. I just run with it as though it were intentional.If you have to go out in public and you're truly afraid of attracting unwanted attention with your facial creases, try a very large brimmed hat, huge round dark sunglasses, a turtle neck or scarf and a neon colored ensemble. It works every time.Sleeping on your back makes you snore and sometimes facilitates sleep apnea. Side sleeping is so much better for you and your hubby.


  16. Anonymous

    Happy Weekend Suzanne! When I sleep on my side, my head remains turned that way most of the day!!! I get so stiff in my neck so I purchased a Core brand mid-sized pillow (D) from amazon. It has a \”cradle\” for your head in the center and makes it easier to sleep on your back. It however does not prevent bed hair! ha


  17. Hmmm maybe wear a hockey mask when you sleep so there is no pillow contact?? Erm. Maybe not.You could just say it's part of an upcoming Halloween costume?OK not that either.I'm at a loss! In any case you are and always will be gorgeous, I don't see any creases. Are you sure it's not your 'magination?


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