My best friend is a Hoe.


The Coach brought home a hoe on Friday night.

I am fuming mad that he took so long to do it. If he really cared about me, he would have brought the hoe home sooner.

See this mess???  I needed a HOE.


I deserved a hoe.  Or two.

I have been weeding my garden for over  3 weeks…ON MY HANDS AND KNEES. Pulling each individual *&^%$#@%&*(&^% weed.

And THEN, and THEN he tells me I could use a weed hoe.

And really…after all this time, he says it SO NONCHALANTLY.  Like it is a condiment on his sammich.  You know…an afterthought. geeze.


I heart my new hoe. I did not even know you existed. 


It works like a dream. A hoe wonderful dream.


“Tomatoes, eggplants, red peppers and broccoli~oh my.”

Have you hoed lately?

I am wondering about what other sorts of new helpful objects I am missing out on…my fingers are sore and bloody….is there a gadget to open wine bottles yet?

If you need me, I will be in the garden, hugging my sweet hoe.


26 thoughts on “My best friend is a Hoe.

  1. How could you not have known about a hoe. Did you grow up in a city? I am sort of worried about you.There is this place, called Lowes or the Home Depot. Skeedaddle over there right this second and walk around the gardening aisle…I really do think I need to rush down to Florida to rescue you!


  2. Nope can't say I've hoed lately but have done plenty of it in my life. I buy our milk and eggs from a menanite family and they have huge gardens. This summer when I was there picking up milk the farmers wife(she must be around 60)was down on her hands and knees pulling weeds. She got up to talk to me and I found out she had been doing that for the past 8 hours! I could not imagine!Hearing and seeing your garden makes me sad that ours is long done for the year. Now that they are talking about snow falling in some parts of Minnesota, I will just have to cherish yours.Hope your Monday is marvelous! XX


  3. so you gots a hoe, well whatya know..i fear a hoecuz my back will go,a hoe is a hoewith a big toe,the wind may blowif youre a hoe,it cost some doughto buy a hoe,bwahahahahahaha you are so cute and funny…


  4. I'm not a big 'work in the yard' kind girl. I'm glad you found a tool that makes it easier so you don't have to be on your hands and knees. That's no fun. : )


  5. oh there you go again… makin' me laugh! i hope coach realizes how lucky he is… to have a wife so appreciative of a gardening tool gift! but don't you kid me… i know you have one of those wine-opeing gadgets ::)


  6. What a thoughtful guy! I love how excited you are about yo' ho'. \”Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum\” might be next…or a bottle of wine. (There are some easy-peasy bottle openers, but I don't know what they are called. Ours has a big lever-thingy on top, and one part gives the bottle a hug while you move the lever-thingy up and down, and presto! The cork is out. It is a breeze – much easier than reading this description of it.


  7. I heart you hearintg yo' hoe.And I used to think the Houdini for opening wine was the cats pajamas? Then my friend showed me her ELECTRIC wine bottle opener. Yep Oster for about $20-25 you can push a button and voila, wine is open. The Coach needs to bring THAT home before Friday!


  8. Why do husbands do that? Oh, sweetie, since you've had bleeding hands for 3 years now, did you ever consider a hoe? Totally sounds like my husband too. They're such dorks. Or maybe they're afraid we'll use them as weapons…against THEM! Tempting at times…


  9. I adore your insanity, Suz! I'm so comfortable with it. As if we were sisters born of different misters… different states, decades, generations even! Mere technicalities!I can't weed any more (or any less, to be honest). I hire someone to do it. We have lots of tools, but none that looks like this. I'm going to have to get me one!


  10. Hi Suz, I'm trying to catch up today!!!! whew!!!!Looks like TRUE LOVE –you and your hoe…. I know that Coach is crying his heart out since he lost his love to a hoe (that HE bought for his Sweetie)…. What a huge mistake on his behalf…. NOT!!!! ha haYour garden looks great… Now –do you want to come up here and hoe in our yard???????Hugs,Betsy


  11. This reminds me of when a friend carried my biiig duffel suitcase to my apartment and as we stepped inside I said, \”You know that has wheels, right?\” He didn't. I don't know the first thing about hoes. If I ever need one, now I know, thanks!


  12. wow, how does that work?? i desperately need help with weeds around here and if that 'hoe works for a livin', well I want me some of that action!of course, not until next spring… *sighs* maybe you could ask santa for one of these this christmas 😉


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