Meeting a new~old friend.


My long time blog friend Laurie {Keller’s on the Prairie} just so happened to be in my hometown this weekend for a family wedding ….and she just so happened to be staying at a hotel around the corner. {I am not kidding about ‘around the corner’}

A get together was meant to bee!


She popped in our house on Sunday morning for some coffee, pumpkin breakfast casserole and chit chatting.

We are really good at the chit chatting. We could have done it all day.

But sadly, she was getting back to the road to finish out her road tripping.

Coach was gone already that morning, headed over to Miami to see his beloved ‘fins play some ball.

But Laurie was thinking about him when she dressed for our chit chat get together.  ~Coach~


She was even cuter, sweeter and more fun than I had imagined she could be.

So, that means, I must be cuter, sweeter and more fun than you imagine.

Ha Ha. I crack myself up!

Safe travels Laurie!!!

One day, I will have to load up my family and road trip all the way to South Dakota.

Or, we could just fly. Yeah, flying is much better for my sanity.  

22 thoughts on “Meeting a new~old friend.

  1. How cool! You know, South Dakota is right next to Minnesota…you could take a detour and visit me too! I would highly suggest flying…have already made the road trip a couple of times with a van full of kidlets(big and small) to Florida and back again…I am lucky to have any sanity left. :)I'm glad you had a nice visit with your new old friend! XX


  2. i am SO glad you got to meet up with your friend!! yippee! and very cute about her shoes:) i never had pumpkin breakfast casserole… recipe please?! as for sweeter, i think we all think/know you are much sweeter than YOU imagine… if i thought you were any sweeter i might get a stomach ache 🙂


  3. Isn't it wonderful when we can meet blog friends. We've been fortunate to meet several over the past couple of years. They've all been even nicer and more fun than we imagined.


  4. LOL about the COACH shoes! Very cute and snappy. I'm so-so-so happy that you two blog-sisters met \”for reals\” – it just makes me smile! How great life can be, that two people, who were so clearly meant to meet, were able to do so. xoxo


  5. 🙂 this looks like such a good time!!<3 her coach shoes, hehei can't wait for my first blogger meet up!i'm pretty sure you are much \”funner\” in person hehehextra fun!!


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