There’s one in every crowd.


I am talking about rebels here.


A rebel eggplant.

Trying to break away from the crowd; make his own way in the world.

He is screaming: “don’t cage me in!”  {yes, it is loud in my garden}

Don’t tell him, but he is actually making his way to my kitchen. Very soon.

Eggplant; the other white meat.


On second thought, perhaps I won’t eat that particular rebellious eggplant, he might be too tuff tough for me.

Should I give him the Busy Bee presidential pardon?

28 thoughts on “There’s one in every crowd.

  1. if only you had tucked him back into the garden before he became too big for his britches!! (or too big to fit back through the fence!) no presidential pardon. won't be fair to the others 🙂


  2. I think it would be an honor for him to grace your plates, and then your tummies. It's his vegetable life-destiny…unless you'd prefer to photograph and immortalize him. Either way, he will fulfill his green & purple life cycle as nature intended. Just call me the veggie philosopher!


  3. Hello Suz! I've missed you. I'm finally getting back to visit my old friends. I see you have been busy (oh, busy bee)! I hope to get all caught up and back to reading what you're up to. Hope the kids, the husband the dogs are all doing well.


  4. I actually took a picture this afternoon of my own \”garden\” to share, so this made me laugh! I probably won't get around to MY post, though. :(I say give him a pardon. Then again, that's cuz I HATE eggplant! Ugh, how can anyone EAT it?!?! tee hee hee…


  5. Ha!Love the little eggplant rebel child.Cut him lovingly, create a delicious recipe with him carefully and then rejoice in his wanderlust that led him to your plate.What a totally cute post, Suz!


  6. If he has some seeds definately plant them!!Reminds me of my silkworms…they cannot crawl but a few inches to the leaves they are fed- and the moths cannot fly. BUT two years ago I took some eggs from a teacher who had yellow silk worms…and mixed them with my interbreeding white ones….and last year when my silkworm eggs hatched I had supercrawlers….and when they emerged from the coccoons there were a few flyers!! Now that's a first. So I am guessing if you plant those seeds you will have a whole bunch of rebel eggplants!!


  7. I LOVE eggplant! I am so jealous of your garden right now! Now that you've made me very hungry for eggplant something or other, I will wish you a happy Thursday! XX


  8. I say Free the Eggplant! Let him LIVE! He deserves liberty after that amazing escapology. It's the veggie equivalent of Escape from Alcatraz.Don't fence him in.Don't eat him.Don't cut him down.I say update us weekly on his progress, let him live and enjoy his life on the other side.Let him have his moment in the sun. Vive l'aubergine.:-)


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