Where did it all go?


Time that is.

I forgot that this weekend is Halloween. My brain cramps are becoming very spooky. The girls are old and done with trick or treating…and for that, I am glad.

Does that make me a bad Mom? Some things I just did not enjoy, such as pan-handling for cavities. 

Have I ever mentioned how different my girls are from each other?

This Halloween back in 2004 sums it all up.


Miss USA and Miss Army girl! 

I adore my opposite girls. They bring me such joy and giddiness. And occasional brain cramps.

A few years ago Cocoa begged to get in on the dressing up action as well.


**Buzz Buzz**

Seriously, she begged.

Once Ozzie saw how much fun it was, he begged to be a rainbow butterfly. And I could not deny him this joy.

And when I say “begged” I mean they did not flee the scene.


This was just a few weeks after we adopted him…If I could read his mind (and I can) he is wondering if being on the streets was a better idea. On the streets, he could dress in peace with less ridicule.


So, are you dressing up this weekend?

Or will you be like me…. Home in my PJ’s wondering where the heck my childhood went.

Have a fun and safe weekend. And whatever you do, don’t forget to appreciate TODAY for what it is. {In 24 hours it will done gone}

Watch out for the ankle biters, the crumb crunchers and the mini pip squeaks. They are everywhere this time of year!

{{Happy birthday Uncle Jim!!!}}

31 thoughts on “Where did it all go?

  1. SHHH! This is a secret between you and me…I do not want to buy any candy this year. Our front porch is a mess so I would have to sit on the steps to hand out candy. I think I'm turning out the lights and closing the drapes…Happy Weekend!


  2. Our youngest is still really into dressing up, our oldest – not so much anymore. I'll still take both of them around the neighborhood while hubby stays home to hand out candy. It's only a few more years and they won't want to go anymore, gotta enjoy it while we can… Guess we could always try to dress up the dogs if the girls don't want to anymore…Happy Halloween!


  3. Anonymous

    Oh I love the photos Suzanne! We stopped at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts yesterday in Roswell and bought ourselves a TREAT! Have a nice Autumn weekend.


  4. LOL…thank you for cracking me up this Friday morning…of course I am well aware that Halloween is soon…how could I not with 3 reminding me of it constantly? 🙂 The 3 little's get to trick or treat through the down town businesses of our small town later this afternoon…then of course on Sunday too we will go out earlier since they are little..they will hand out candy to trick or treaters for me. I really don't like that we get all this candy. Since we don't do candy much at our house(we still have a big jar half full of candy left from all the parades we went to this summer 🙂 I will let them have some over the weekend and then ration it out for awhile. Ugh!Happy Halloween and weekend to you and yours! XX


  5. Cute photos, Suz…. Reminds me of when my sons were little –and we'd carve pumpkins and they'd go 'Trick or Treating'…. Seems like only yesterday… I miss those times… Even my grands are too old for this now!!!!! Geessshhh–how time flows. Halloween here is just another day.. Since we live in a retirement area, there are no kids around.. SO–no little gobblins at our home. Have a great weekend–and don't eat too much candy!!! You are in my blog story today.Hugs,Betsy


  6. Aw, I love the opposite costumes, and the doggie butterflies look uncomfortable, but cute.My kids always loved Halloween, so I let them have their fun and made them brush their tusks afterward.


  7. The term 'ankle biters' cracks me up every time. I'll be in my PJs this year, yay! Going to the zoo tomorrow afternoon though for their 'scary' kiddie fest. My friend is going with her nieces and I am tagging along. It's nice to have a year off. Such cute doggie costumes! Happy Halloween!


  8. Awww, love the pic! Funny how different siblings can be. I am still perplexed that my little sis and I grew up in the very same house {same rules, same everything}, and we are complete OPPOSITES. Variety is the spice of life ;)My littles are dressing up, of course. But we live in the boondocks. We will most likely trick or treat at my mom and dad's, my in-laws, and the great-grandparents. Then we'll come home, snuggle in bed, and watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Ahhhh.


  9. These days it's all about worrying how wild the Halloween party my kids are invited to will get. Last year, thanks to the magic of FB, the party was overrun and the parents actually called the police themselves to shut the party down. All the worry and my kids were there for about 15 minutes before calling me to come get them!


  10. A diverse household is good! No tricker treaters here, but we will be doing it at church and we have been instructed to bring the GOOD candy for the kids. (that means the real chocolate and jumbo sizes; no jolly ranchers or popcorn balls.) ha!


  11. we are going to a fall festival with our grand kiddies. of course pics will follow. i used to dress our pups too. i have a dachshund, the other one i used to have was named pumpkin. she is gone now. but we dressed her up as a lil pumpkin one year. she was just a few months old, so cute. i will look for that pic and post. have a great lazy weekend.


  12. We hardly ever get trick-or-treaters because our driveway is long and dark (have we had this conversation before? Am I repeating myself?). We have a bag of candy, just in case.The fun part is that we've been invited to a wine, cheese and candy costume party. That is fun food, and fun if you could see the look on Gregg's face when I told him we were supposed to dress up. NOT his bag o'tricks. I think I might have talked him into putting on his kayaking gear (hat, life vest, neoprene boots) – yahoo! – and bringing a paddle. I might do the same. We shall see! Bee safe this weekend!


  13. we arent even passing out candy!!!! lol. that's how NOT in the spirit i am. i did good posting a halloween decorated post on me blog! i dont remember my own trick or treating days. but i sure remember my kids ones and it was fun! dave and i always dressed up with them and then it was just me dressing up with them. but i dont even feel like going around with the jujube, does that make me a bad gramma? i think so. but i dont feel guilty. his parents can have all the joy… lol


  14. Because of our location – – – – on top of a hill at the end of a subdivision – – – we don't see much or any candy action at our door. I will be at our church because they are doing a BIG – – REALLY BIG Fall Festival. Makes me tired to think about it but the community loves it.P.S. LOVE the dogs dressed up and your girls look very cute, too!


  15. Halloween was certainly exciting at your house. Are you sure you'll be able to handle a quiet Halloween weekend? One advantage of living in a 'retirement' community is that we haven't had trick-or-treaters since we moved here. We're looking forward to a quiet weekend.


  16. Anonymous

    great photos, as always, you just crack me up. my 9 year old will be Don King this year, which i think is just too funny! but my 13 year old is just not into halloween this year.we're going to clarksville's historic downtown for the festivities… our first here in clarksville.


  17. panhandling for cavities…best! line! evar!*hands over trophy* :-Dvegas and i have both been over halloween since puberty hit… no decorations, lights off, please don't ring our doorbell!


  18. Oh my gosh – I am laughing out loud at the pictures of your pups… the HUMILIATION those poor dogs endure!Happy Hween to you as well!S is dressing up ONE last year (\”gangsta\” girl, complete with Press On Grill for the teeth… thanx Party City…) but J is staying home with me to give out candy.


  19. NO dress up for us. I live vicariously through my dogs!! Cocoa and Oz look like they like dressing up just like my pooches. hehe. I make dressup last all year long and get such a kick out of how funny dogs look dressed up. As you know, Hootie becomes a statue as soon as a hat goes on his head. Pretty funny. Where did the time go?? That is what I'd like to know. 30 years ago I was getting ready to have my sweet little daughter… Arghhhhhh.


  20. My kids have always wanted me to dress up and I'm always a party pooper. So, I told them tonight I will dress up. I have on my pj's, a robe, slippers, a sleep mask, my tivo remote, and a magazine. What am I ? A (tired) housewife! 😉


  21. i remember that year! i thought the miss usa was such a great idea! i cannot believe all the people that were out and about here. it never stops. cam & i hid out in the dark after we hiked the neighborhood!


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