Nothing alive, PLEASE.


I asked the girls: “What do you want for Christmas?”

They both looked at me blankly and said:  I don’t know….

…..then I could see the wheels turning.

Lindsay: how about a mouse?

Me: No. nothing alive.

Lo: how about one of those fish with the big eyes?

Me: No. nothing alive.

Linds: I really want a bunny; bunnies are so cute.

Me: No. nothing alive.

Lo: I always wanted an ant farm.

Me: No. nothing alive.

What part of nothing alive don’t they understand?

Sooooo….my Christmas shopping is done since no one can think of anything they actually need or want that doesn’t poop or eat.

Lo Linds and dogs Christmas 2009

{Christmas 2009}

Do you have a long shopping list?

We stopped exchanging gifts between adults a few years ago. It has been a lot less stress for me and I feel as I can do more for charity this way.

I enjoy Christmas much more when I don’t feel pressured to purchase or please.  {I hope you don’t feel pressured either.}

Have a fantabulous Tuesday peeps!

My face is still asleep…


I had a very sleepless night. Has this ever happened to you? You are dozing off into slumberland when *someone* decides that YOU don’t really need to sleep.

It starts off subtle, a little *tap tap tap* on the shoulder. I ignored.

Then a little *rub rub rub* on the lower back. I still ignored.

Soon, it was hot breath on my ear, then on my neck.

I could not ignore anymore.

Finally, I rolled over and said: “Cocoa, you will have to get into your own bed tonight!”

Oy vey.


We had a fairly {wonderful} productive weekend.

We have Christmas stuff strewed all over the house…there are wreaths and reindeer meandering on the front porch.  {weird}

Sparkly stuff everywhere.

I love glitter. Not. {as per LoLo: Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies}



For all you folks shoveling snow, Lo went to the beach on Saturday evening.


Speaking of Christmas and the beach,  Lindsay and I went to see a local production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ last night. It was awesome and put me in the holiday spirit. Thanks to my friend Tim for insisting we go!!! I promise NOT to be a scrooge.

I have tons of stuff to do today, and still my face is asleep. I might have to go on without it. I wonder if anyone will notice…

How was your weekend? Do you have sparkly stuff all over too?