Kiss My Pierogi


Do you know what a pierogi is?

It is a doughy ball of yumminess.

We have been enjoying them filled with cheese and ‘taters.

They are a staple of the anti-Atkins diet.

They are the king of the dumpling family; sinfully good.


You pronounce it: per-o-gee.

I will use it in a sentence:

My derriere is now resembling a pierogi.

Since this turn of events, I now tell those who need to be told:

Kiss my pierogi.

Is that inappropriate of me? nah





Image borrowed from this lovely website showing lots of peirogi flavors to entice and enjoy.

28 thoughts on “Kiss My Pierogi

  1. LOL…don't laugh at me but I have never even heard of these. 🙂 I am going to google them when I'm done here…if you say they are delicious then they must be…might have to learn how to make these. 🙂


  2. They sound really good! I checked out the site and laughed when I read this comment from Nick from Florida:\”It is so hot down here I hate eating hot food during the summer…so we ordered some BlueBerry and Apple flavor, I fried them then I let them cool down. I put some heavy cream on them and I swear it was the best dinner we had in months. I am going to order them for every holiday!\”Hmmmm…fried & with heavy cram for dinner? LOL!


  3. yep, you've got to have the crumbled bacon and sour cream with them and a little sprinkle of green onions on top.and don't just boil 'em, you have to lightly brown in a pan with oil as well.enjoy 😉


  4. Oooo i love them!I get multi-packs (4 different flavors in one bag, you pick what you're in the mood for such as cheese and onion, cheddar and bacon, etc) – love them boiled then fried in butter with caramelized onions and sour cream on the side…*drools*


  5. we love pierogis…. yes the tator and the cheese ones… we pan fry them slowly in butter so as not to add any extra calories…. mmmnnnnmmm good..


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